Onsite elections play an important role in many organizations’ annual meetings, providing members with another easy way to cast their votes. There are many factors that influence how an annual meeting and onsite voting are run, and a vendor that is experienced with all types of onsite elections can be invaluable in these situations.

Every Onsite is Unique

Depending on the size of the meeting and the voting response via other methods (mail ballots, online voting, etc.), the number of ballots cast onsite can vary greatly. Survey & Ballot Systems has worked on small elections consisting of 10-15 votes cast onsite to larger elections and meeting in which several thousand ballots are submitted.

There are a few valuable advantages to using third-party voting services for onsite elections:

  • Fast, accurate reporting Results of voting at the meeting can be announced at the meeting. Same-day reporting is a necessity in many elections, which can be difficult to manage without third-party help – especially when including ballots from other voting methods.
  • Third-party objectivity and transparency Having a third-party handle your onsite election can eliminate much of the stress and hassle surrounding the event, and it also provides an unbiased, objective party to verify election accuracy. Members of your organization can feel confident knowing those running the election are completely unbiased and their only motivation is to manage a successful voting event.
  • Expert guidance It’s reassuring for everyone involved to know an election is in the hands of experts who know the ropes. If anything out of the ordinary comes up, you have a vendor that has experience dealing with all kinds of situations and can be composed and decisive at a vital time for your organization.

Consulting with your vendor throughout the entire election process can help ensure best practices are followed across the board. Working with an expert third-party also brings confidence, objectivity, and the highest levels of accuracy to your onsite election.

Onsite elections are supported by:


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