Hearing the “Voice” of Members Through the Phone

Since its invention in 1876, the telephone has grown into one of the most convenient and efficient forms of communication. Whether it is around town or across the globe, the telephone helps individuals from every walk of life exchange ideas, deliver information and share vital decisions. Today, it is rare that people in the United States aren’t within arm’s reach of a telephone as 92% of American adults own a mobile phone (Pew Research), so it makes sense to connect and engage with voters through their mobile device or landline.

In order to leverage this powerful channel for private elections, Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) has developed telephone voting management services that ensure secure and reliable elections. Through phone voting services and touchtone telephone voting (TTV) systems, organizations are able to harness the power of the telephone to capture the “voice” of their voting members.

Custom Phone Voting Systems for Private Elections

After consulting with your organization, SBS creates a phone voting plan that meets the needs of your election specifications. Through carefully formed scripts describing the slate of candidates, planned navigation steps and a custom authentication process, a phone-in ballot system is formed. During development, each step is reviewed and tested to ensure an easy-to-use, “one member, one vote” process for members.

To participate, members access personalized phone ballots based on a passcode. Once authenticated, voters are guided through the ballot by recorded prompts. Participation can be completed by either touch-tone key pad or voice command technologies. The highest authentication procedures possible are in place to ensure that duplicate voting is prohibited and a verifiable level of security exists for auditing processes.

In addition, SBS phone voting systems can be set up for automated outbound calling programs, including: automated awareness campaigns, voter intent surveys and invitations that route members into phone ballots.

Features of SBS Telephone Voting Management Services with TTV Systems:

  • Personalized phone ballots: A personalized voter experience based on member passcode and data.
  • Easy navigation: Straightforward prompts walk voters through each step of personalized ballots.
  • Ballot review: Voters can review their selections prior to submission.
  • Election Security: The authentication process prohibits duplicate votes and ensures eligible voters.
  • Full integration: Allows phone voting to be combined with other election participation methods.
  • 24/7 convenience: Provides members with 24 hour access to phone ballots for the length of the voting period – right from any touch tone phone.
  • Phone voting and TTV reporting: Monitors activity, trends and provides reporting on participation.

Phone/TTV voting is supported by:


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