DIY Online Voting with myDirectVote

Many elections, one experience
Voters may get lost in the different ballot designs, dates and eligibility requirements for the many elections they participate in. Fortunately, DirectVoteCentral eliminates the technical confusion by helping you create a consistent look and feel across all your elections. DirectVoteCentral lets you run anything from a subgroup referendum to a regional election with ease.

Complete election management solution

Simple setup and straightforward communications
Say goodbye to complicated paperwork, repetitive reminders and confusing emails. The single consolidated DirectVoteCentral platform lets you create ballots in as little as one hour, duplicate your election setup from one year to the next and link multiple regional, chapter, unit and subgroup elections back to a universal ballot page. Online subgroup elections are also simple to set up and administer. Plus, you can communicate with confidence and consistency about upcoming election details.


A secure online voting platform
In any election, it is essential to guarantee the integrity of the results. DirectVoteCentral brings top-tier data security to your online voting elections. Voter data and transactions are shielded against threats by advanced technologies. As a result, your organization can trust the elections results and not have to worry about tampering. The combination of security and convenience in DirectVoteCentral is also a great way to boost voter participation rates.

Customer Support

Dependable support from SBS
SBS is there to support you during every phase of your DirectVoteCentral election implementation. Your administrators can rest assured our team is available to troubleshoot any technical issue and assist with election setup and questions.

Association Voting

Advantages of DirectVoteCentral

Simple, streamlined administration: One platform to administer, create and oversee online elections across the organization.

Emphasize your brand: A consistent look and feel for all elections confirms members they are in the right place.

Improved election communications: One voting platform streamlines notices and reminders coming from both the national and chapters.

Increase participation: Encourage response by giving voters continuous access to a ballot menu page that shows eligible voting opportunities – one stop for all their voting.

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