Your employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) exists in part to promote and facilitate the democratic process, by giving employees a stake in the company’s ownership. Employee stock ownership plan elections are vital for handling stock option allocations, buybacks and nullifications.

Accordingly, ESOP elections can benefit from the many innovations available from Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), including ESOP committee election services and professional election guidance. With SBS, you get the best tools available for facilitating safe, efficient and effective elections that maximize participation from your stock-holding employees.

SBS brings its vast 26 years of experience in customer service and election technology to the table to assist in obtaining the most accurate results possible.

ESOP Benefits

  • You can achieve flawless ESOP election results each time with SBS solutions. Optional features such as participation reminders, embedded login links and single sign-on make voting as fast and efficient as possible. Meanwhile, TLS encryption for web elections as well as a fully auditable process ensures the integrity of all election outcomes.
  • Your ESOP participants can rest assured the voting process in transparent. SBS can help you achieve at least a 97% voter satisfaction rate, thanks to a streamlined voting system and comprehensive options for detailed and timely reporting.
  • Phone, web, paper and hybrid voting options are all available to fit your needs. An SBS election expert can help implement, customize and support any voting solution you choose, making it easy to get a system that works for your ESOP’s particular design and requirements.

Full-service offerings

SBS has the experience and expertise you need to take your ESOP elections to the next level..We provide unparalleled customer support and consulting to guide you throughout the implementation and execution of your election.

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