Owning and managing a franchise system is a complex task before you even get to the process of collecting feedback from franchisees. The surveys and elections you use to gather opinions on a wide range of matters should be easy to handle.

With help from Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) and our franchise online voting services, you can make sure voting is always straightforward and secure. Founded in 1990, SBS has the experience and expertise your franchise needs in order to conduct reputable elections.

Franchise benefits

  • Each election deserves a customized design and process so questions can be clearly framed, answers properly collected and turnout adequately encouraged. SBS takes care of these activities for you by customizing solutions according to your requirements. You can then refocus your time and attention on the broader operations of your franchise.
  • Security is a priority in any election, and SBS puts it front and center. SBS voting platforms are supported by redundant and physically secure data centers. If you conduct an online election or administer surveys for franchisees with SBS, you can rest assured secure hosting with 99.99 % availability is there to guarantee accurate and tamper-proof results.
  • Vulnerability assessments, malware scans and 24/7 monitoring ensures your voting system is of the highest integrity and quality. A dedicated project manager is available from SBS to further guide your elections from start to finish.
  • With SBS, you have the option to conduct voting by phone, on the web, in-person, by mail, or via a combination of these options. SBS assists with the setup and management of all voting options in accordance with the goals of your franchise system.

Full-service offering

SBS provides the guidance and technology you need to take your elections to the next level. Our customer service can help you with anything from promoting an upcoming election to upgrading and expanding your current voting options.

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