Company FAQ

How do I learn more about Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) and its services?

Click here and fill out the form as completely as you can. A team member will contact you to learn about your organization’s needs and goals.

How long has SBS been in business and what types of organizations do you serve?

SBS was founded in 1990. We serve all types of member-based organizations, non-profits and businesses with voting and election needs.

Why should my organization work with SBS?

We are election experts and many of our partners tell us that turning over their projects to us as their third-party vendor is one of the wisest decisions they’ve made. We have more than 25 years of election experience and can assist you with everything from election promotion plans to expanding your voting methods. We work with you to customize solutions to help you achieve your elections goals.

I need assistance with my current SBS election or participating in an SBS-managed election, what can I do?

Click here to contact us in the way that’s most convenient for you. A SBS team member will be happy to help you with your election or member project.

What type of security can I expect with an SBS-managed online election?

Several layers of security are employed to protect your SBS election. The voting website is hosted on our secure server and your election website is only accessible to authorized members through unique voter logins and passwords. Ballots are transmitted to the data center using Symantec TLS encryption and authentication technology. Voting websites also employ passive and active network and security monitoring services to detect and prevent unauthorized access. Data is stored in a secure data center with controlled, monitored access 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

How can an online election site confirm my identity?

You will be provided a unique voter login ID and password which will be used by the voting website to confirm your identity.

How can an online election website prevent voting more than once?

Each member’s login information is disabled immediately after submitting their web ballot, preventing them from logging into the voting website again and voting twice.

How do I know my online ballot has been received?

After submitting your ballot, you will receive an email message confirming that it’s been received.

If I make a mistake while voting online, can I change it?

Yes, it’s easy to review and change your vote before your ballot is officially submitted for processing. After you make your selections, they will be displayed on a confirmation screen. At that time, you may either change your selections or submit your ballot. The website will also verify that you have voted within the correct parameters – that you did not over vote, for example – and will advise you of any corrections that must be made. This additional safeguard ensures the validity of your ballot.

Once your ballot is submitted, however, it cannot be changed.

How does paper balloting work?

All paper voting materials are subjected to numerous rounds of language proofing. Test batches (mock elections) will be manually conducted to ensure proper ballot functionality.

Ballot packages are sent to all eligible members who then completes the materials as directed and returns completed ballots by mail. Once materials have been received by SBS, ballots are scanned and verified to ensure they meet the specified election criteria. All ballots are checked for unusual marks or paper damage. Ballots are then audited a final time before the data advances to the reporting stage.

Throughout this procedure, paper ballots are secured to ensure a chain of custody. The result is an auditable process with guaranteed and certified results.

Does SBS have quality control procedures in place?

Yes, a summary of our procedures include data receipt verification, proofing, test batches, auditing and certification.