Online Nominations App
  • For over 30 years, SBS has aided pension funds in a variety of voting and election services. We can ensure your election process is managed effectively and protected with top-notch security. Whether voting is by phone, online, paper or hybrid SBS is fully prepared to handle any election process.

Customer Support
  • We understand running an election can be time consuming and strenuous, which is why we are here to help. Customer support specialists are always available to make sure you understand every part of your election and that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Regular workflow audits and experienced personnel are available to continually improve your elections.

  • Complete application security guards the integrity of your election. Strong TLS encryption for web voting ensures no one can tamper with the process. Meanwhile, everything is auditable, certifying and guaranteeing all voting results.

Save time and money
  • SBS’ services for pension fund voting are supported by world-class data centers and extensive security mechanisms. Your votes are protected from any intrusive interference through TLS encryption, regular vulnerability assessments, malware scans, and customization of forms to client specifications.

Who we serve: Mutual Insurance Companies

Full-Service Pension Fund Election Offerings

We understand how important it is to ensure your policyholders are receiving the best you can offer. That’s why you can count on SBS to provide effective election solutions specific to pension fund voting with the custom proxy and hybrid voting services needed to increase election participation while protecting assets and members.

  • Your members consistently request the option to vote online, but you want a simple and safe way to conduct these online elections? SBS has got you covered. Adding a strictly secure online voting option to your traditional voting methods is a proven way to get results.
  • Nomination and Petition Software offers a simple, secure, standardized nominations process that provides an easy, time-saving way for potential candidates to submit their information online. It’s also fully customizable and makes it effortless for administrators to track and process candidate applications.
  • Single sign-on, or SSO allows your members to access their secure online ballots directly from your organization’s website. With SSO voters don’t need to remember another password or even find the URL or reminder email for the voting site.
  • Make real-time online voting for any in-person, virtual or hybrid meeting a breeze with real-time voting software. Our software is a convenient, efficient option for teams within member organizations to conduct secure, official votes during any meeting. Read, review, and modify meeting action items from anywhere on any device: web voting software, mobile, tablet, and more!