Streamline Your Election With SSO for Online Voting

Single sign-on has become increasingly popular across many types of platforms. SSO technology allows users to log in to one platform using the credentials from another.  A major advantage of this function is that your voters are spared the bother of remembering and entering a set of login credentials in order to access our voting platform. With just a single button click, voters who are already logged into the account used for SSO will be instantly redirected to their ballot.

An online voting option can help to streamline your election, but another set of login credentials adds more hassle to the process. With SSO, your members can enjoy the most user-friendly voting experience.

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The Benefits of Single Sign-On for Online Voting

Using an SSO function offers three key benefits for your election:

  • Increased participation: When voting is complicated, it turns voters away. Online voting is an excellent way to make voting more accessible, and single sign-on makes it even easier. Rather than creating and remembering a password, your voters can access their online ballot in a couple of clicks. This process makes it easy for every voter to have a voice.
  • Reduced inquiries: Your members will turn to your administrators when voting is complicated. The more confusing the process, the more help desk tickets your administrators need to handle. High volumes of inquiries can put significant strain on your administration and can take away from other critical management tasks during an election. With straightforward SSO, your administrators have the space to focus on high-priority tasks.
  • Happier members: While an easier voting process leads to increased participation, it also ensures the results truly represent your organization and its members. Election results not only bring satisfaction to your members but also serve as a testament to the importance of their voices within your organization.

Design Your Next Election With SBS

At SBS, we want every voice to be heard. Our combination election solutions ensure your ballot is accessible to all types of voters with elections hosted online, in-person, over the phone and beyond. With SSO, you can make your online ballots easy to get to, so participation is high for your organization’s most important decisions. Contact us today to discuss our solutions and design your next election with our team.