Features and Capabilities of the Online Election Voting Software

Our self-service voting software platform is built for ease-of-use. With its intuitive navigation and purpose-built features, administrators can guide the conversation and every attendee can provide input.

Features and capabilities include:

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  • Comprehensive dashboard: View the details about your voting event through an easy-to-read dashboard. Monitor member attendance, open and close motion items and view live results in one place.

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  • Quick event setup and real-time editing: Hosts send a link to their members through email or text that gives them access to the platform. Administrators can edit motion items before and during voting to facilitate decision-making, and the online voting platform will store all activity for historical meeting minutes.

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  • Custom voting parameters: Every organization has unique bylaws and processes for completing a voting event. The platform allows admins to tailor voting parameters to your organization’s unique needs. For example, choose from anonymous or transparent voting and decide if the results will be visible to voters.

  • Document sharing: Users can easily upload and share meeting minutes, agendas and other documents to display during virtual meetings. Give your members all materials they need to stay engaged.

Customer Support
  • Live chat: Your members deserve to be informed before submitting their votes. With the integrated chat feature, voters can ask questions about motion items and open up valuable conversations for your organization.

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  • Industry-leading security: Our solution is credential-based and uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to secure your voting data. The platform is also SOC 2-compliant and operates in partnership with Azure to deliver comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery.

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Who Can Benefit from Online Election Voting?

Our real-time voting platform best suits organizations that hold regular meetings and vote frequently. It can support more regulated events, like electing new officers, or more casual decision-making, like deciding on a new annual fundraiser. Groups that most often benefit from these polling tools like real-time vote counting include:

The Perks of a Real-Time Voting Tool and System

With an online voting platform, your organization can:

  • Involve every attendee: Given the prevalence and flexibility of video chat, a majority of organizations now conduct meetings and events that cater to both in-person and virtual attendees. Our real-time voting platform is accessible from any connected device. Whether your members are local, national or worldwide, they can all participate.
  • Increase engagement: When running a meeting with in-person and virtual members, ensuring everyone is engaged and valued in the conversation can present a challenge. Keeping everyone invested and intrigued is critical for making collective decisions. Our online voting system creates a shared virtual environment for every voter to provide input, bring up new points and contribute to the overall organization.
  • Improve user experience: You may have used other voting methods in the past, like paper ballots, sending out emails, or even other online voting platforms but these methods can lead to disorganization and manual labor you don’t have time for. Our real-time voting platform uses best practices and does the heavy lifting, from securing election data to counting up votes, so you can focus on the impact of the results.

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