Protected healthcare information
  • Much of the health-related information collected from patients is protected by the laws. Accordingly, security is already a top concern in any healthcare context. SBS helps you strengthen your security presence through robust election solutions with a comprehensive survey and online election platform for healthcare organizations and hospitals.

Secure encrytpion for web hosting
  • If you are a healthcare organization or co-op holding an online election, the voting process and results are secured by strong TLS encryption. A fully auditable, defensible process ensures the outcome of an election is reputable and free from tampering.

Variety of voting methods
  • Depending on your particular requirements, you may benefit most from voting via phone, online, paper ballot or a combination of these methods. SBS provides a variety of voting options that can be customized to meet your healthcare organization or co-op’s specific goals.

Dedicated Project Manager
  • From start to finish, a dedicated SBS project manager is available to guide you through election implementation and oversight. You benefit by saving time and money and being able to focus more of your attention on other operations.

Who we serve: Healthcare

Full-service offering

When your healthcare organization holds an election, it is essential to ensure the integrity and accuracy of all results with healthcare survey tools and voting software that is secure and reliable. 

SBS has been the preferred partner healthcare organization to assist with voting systems for healthcare. 

  • Voting during online meetings can be fully secure, official, and anonymous by adding our real-time voting software to your digital meeting platform of choice.
  • Increasing election participation can be tricky when you need to strictly follow industry-specific regulations. However, SBS provides expert and proven mail-in voting strategies and tactics. We can also help you navigate through adding hybrid options such as voting by phone to your ballot choices.

SBS has industry-leading security with constant monitoring and auditing, data encryption and SOC II Type II compliance.