Empower Your Organization With Data

Elections are valuable for making big decisions within your organization, but they can also help you understand your members. With election results analysis, your administrators can uncover patterns in voting behaviors and participation. This data empowers your organization to improve future elections and encourage greater participation in the next major decisions.

Our analytics solution allows you to:

  • Visualize geographic hotspots: Use voter analytics to uncover voting locations with the highest number of participants. Our solution uses IP addresses to identify these hotspots, and your organization can use this location data to modify your approach to your next election. For example, a hotspot in one location may benefit from an in-person election. Moreover, hotspots can be instrumental in fine-tuning your Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaigns. You can strategically promote election information more heavily in areas with high voter activity to maximize participation, or target areas with lower engagement to boost turnout.
  • Quantify voter participation methods: Our combined elections allow your organization to use various types of voting methods, such as mobile, online and in person. Use  analytics to gauge which methods your members utilized the most, enabling you to tailor your approach to match their preferences. Catering to the preferred voting methods will foster even greater engagement in your next election.
  • Identify the most popular devices, browsers and operating systems: Discover your members’ preferred browsers and voting devices to further understand voting choices.

While this data gives your organization the insight it needs for upcoming elections, Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) ensures it stays secure. With 24/7 monitoring, ongoing vulnerability assessments, TLS industry-leading encryption and many other security practices, we protect your data throughout your election.

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Experience Ongoing Support From SBS

Our analytics for elections are thoughtfully designed to prioritize a seamless user experience. Enjoy a streamlined view of your data on our intuitive platform to draw meaningful insights about your voters and their methods. If you need extra support with the process, SBS is here to offer our expertise.

We provide extensive technical support for our platform so that you can connect with our team anytime over web chat, email or phone. We’ll guide you through the platform and help you maximize the benefits offered by our analytics add-on service.

Work With SBS for Your Next Election

At SBS, our fully managed elections can involve any combination of voting methods to ensure every member has a voice. With our election analytics add-on service, you can learn about your members and create elections that align with their needs. Contact us today to get started.