Credit unions are designed to serve members, not shareholders. It’s this sense of ownership that drives consumers to opt for credit unions over traditional banking institutions.

In fact, according to the most recent data from the Credit Union National Association, credit unions serve more than 100 million Americans. In order to protect and promote credit union trust and transparency, it’s vital that well-run elections are a priority.

Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) offers numerous credit union election services geared toward Board of Director or Supervisory Committee elections, assisting with everything from voter participation to cost-effectiveness.


Credit Union Benefits

  • In addition to electronic voting for credit union boards, credit unions can appeal to members through the use of phone, paper, onsite or hybrid election techniques.
  • Credit unions can also focus on improving voter turnout with the use of customized participation plans, including email reminders and social media sharing.
  • Technology such as embedded login links and single sign-on makes it easy for members to vote online, reducing help desk queries and saving time and money in the process.
  • Meanwhile, advanced analytics, geo-spatial mapping, segmentation and census surveys all provide credit unions with deep insight into voting patterns and participation results, allowing organizations to make more informed plans for future elections.
  • SBS also provides complete security, including TLS-encrypted web voting, 24/7 monitoring, and ongoing vulnerability assessments.

Full-service offerings

SBS works closely with credit union staff members throughout the entire election process, helping to make sure all goals and deadlines are met. In addition to having staff election experts on hand, credit unions can rest easy knowing all SBS services are backed by professional liability insurance.

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