Full-Service Support

Our team structures the election according to your needs and preferences. We provide end-to-end support through services like:

  • Ballot design: Our team works closely alongside you to develop a ballot that conforms to your bylaws and accessibility requirements.
  • Election process collaboration: We’ll work with your administrators and volunteers to ensure a seamless, organized process.
  • Tabulation and certification: Our team tabulates the votes before certifying them so you can have confidence in the outcome’s validity


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Enhance Your In-Person Event with Add-On Options

Take your in-person voting event to the next level with our optional add-on services. These options are designed to optimize the voter experience, boost engagement, and ensure a seamless election day.

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  • Voter Registration Made Easy

    Simplify the registration process with our expert oversight. Our team can manage voter registration, saving you time and effort. Entrusting us with this task allows you to focus on the core aspects of your event while ensuring that every eligible voter is registered smoothly and without hassle. 

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  • Boost Participation with Reminder Communications

    Maximize voter turnout with our strategic pre-election reminders. SBS can send emails and text messages on your organization’s behalf to ensure voters are well-informed and motivated to participate. This is especially effective for combination elections and online voting eventsBy keeping voters informed and engaged, you’ll witness higher participation rates and more representative results.

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Embrace Innovation: In-Person Live Voting

Spanning meetings, elections, conferences, and more, our live voting software is a prime solution for organizations seeking to manage and modify their in-person voting events in real time. This secure platform introduces intuitive features that empower you to integrate motion items, set voting parameters, and involve every member in the decision-making process.

Benefits of In-Person Live Voting

  • Comprehensive control: You retain control over your in-person voting events while benefiting from the ease and efficiency of real-time voting.
  • Active attendee involvement: Our live voting software fosters continuous engagement among your members throughout the entire process, ensuring their opinions are not only heard but also appreciated.
  • Inclusivity: Our platform ensures that every member’s input is valued, creating a culture.
  • Enjoyable experiences: We help create hassle-free polling and frictionless elections for voters and administrators alike.

Embrace Innovation: Drive-Thru Voting

Revolutionize the in-person voting experience with our innovative drive-thru voting service. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we’ve reimagined in-person online voting. Through secure QR code scans, voters can conveniently submit their votes from the comfort of their vehicles. This practical approach enhances accessibility, accuracy, and overall voter satisfaction.

Using secure links on mobile phones or web-based tablets, voters can conveniently submit their ballots through QR code scans from the comfort of their vehicles, effectively casting their in-person vote online.

Benefits of Drive-Thru Voting

  • Efficiency: Voters can quickly and easily cast their votes in person, enjoying the added convenience of online voting.
  • Accuracy: Manual ballot counting is eliminated, ensuring precise and reliable results. 
  • Enhanced Experience: By offering an innovative and convenient voting method, you provide an enjoyable and modern voting experience for your participants.
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Why SBS?

We’re a trusted and reliable partner for voting systems because of our:

  • Experience: We work with many types of organizations to complete over 800 fully customized elections yearly. Our team has extensive experience with all election process steps and voting methods.
  • Security: SBS is third-party audited to ensure compliance with SOC 2 data privacy guidelines. We also implement sophisticated protection protocols and use Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for peace of mind.
  • Support: Our team provides individualized attention and comprehensive support for your organization and its members. Technical assistance is available onsite and via phone, email or web chat throughout the event.

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At SBS, we boast a tradition of achieving success with our dedicated service, proven processes and easy-to-use technology. We draw on decades of combined election expertise to help ensure your organization’s success.

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