A Voting Management System for Virtually Every Voting Method

Recognizing diverse voting preferences, election goals, election processes, and attendee preferences among different organizations, our fully managed solution revolves around our team adapting to your specific needs, supported by our proprietary election management software. We can design your election to be an isolated voting method — such as exclusively paper ballots — or we can create combination elections that apply various voting methods.

You can host elections for a limitless number of voters with election methods like:

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  • Paper: Paper ballots or paper proxies, election pieces and mail-in ballots effectively reach all your members.

Option to utilize their self-administered platform or build your own election
  • Onsite: In-person elections are a staple of annual organizational meetings. You can continue hosting onsite elections while leveraging the expertise of SBS.

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  • Online: Our turnkey online election system can reach all of your members. Attendees can participate in the vote no matter where they are.

Instant Election Results
  • Mobile: Using our software, we can optimize your election for mobile access. Voters can access their ballot via a QR code, email, or text message and cast their vote on any device.

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  • Combination: Combination elections, also known as hybrid elections, are a blend of voting methods. Members can choose to vote in person, online or by mail. This flexibility encourages members to vote by making voting more convenient.

Every Voting Method is Covered

Benefits of Choosing SBS for Your Turnkey Election Management System

Full-service election management offers several advantages for organizations, including:

  • Increased election participation: SBS’s turnkey elections encourage members to participate in the election through one-click voting access, reminder emails, text message invites, touch-tone telephone voting, multiple voting methods and more. Our platform also complies with ADA Section 508 to ensure elections are accessible for all voters.
  • Improved voter experience: We use our software to send out and collect responses for voter satisfaction surveys. We can use these results to make suggestions for improvements to future elections that your members will appreciate.
  • Paper balloting tabulation: Administrators can watch ballots be opened, scanned and reviewed from a private live stream as SBS counts the votes.
  • Trustworthy results: You can be confident your turnkey election will remain secure and valid. Our online balloting system has many security features, meets TLS encryption safeguards, and is supported by our enterprise-grade data center.
  • Expert support: When you choose our fully managed services for your election, a dedicated Survey & Ballot Systems project manager will assist you to make sure your election goes smoothly. This point of contact can help you navigate the election process, including proofing voting materials, hosting mock elections, our online election management software, and providing guidance on whatever you need.

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Improve Your Next Election With SBS Fully Managed Elections

SBS offers dynamic election solutions for any voting need and organizational requirement. Call our customer support team at 1-800-974-8099 or contact us for more information about using our turnkey voting platform solutions for your upcoming election.