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  • By using SBS’s cooperative election and ballot services, co-ops can achieve 97% voter satisfaction or higher.

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  • Cooperatives can count on accurate and certified election results. Through the use of 24/7 monitoring, ongoing vulnerability assessments and other advanced security measures, both voter details and election data are kept safe.

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  • SBS offers easy-to-use tools, such as embedded login links and single sign-on technology, to make it simple for voters to participate.

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  • Additionally, data analytics tools offer cooperatives a chance to dive deeper into member voting information to help guide strategic organizational decisions.

  • Meanwhile, optional services like participation reminders enable cooperatives to spread the word and increase voter turnout. Video streaming also offers an effective way to engage voters on candidates and issues.

Who we serve: Cooperatives

Full-Service Offerings

More than 29,000 U.S. cooperatives are the model for individuals helping each other in pursuit of a mutual goal. Member trust and transparency in decision-making are vital to any successful cooperative.

Member scrutiny, negative publicity and even lawsuits are the unfortunate result of a cooperative failing to provide clear, unbiased elections.

For over 30 years, SBS has acted as a trusted third party to guide successful, streamlined co-op elections – from food co-ops to electric cooperatives. We help ensure your members are as involved as possible with your election and we know how to increase voter participation. SBS is also an expert in maximizing election transparency, so members fully understand their cooperative is not involved in the outcome.

  • In addition to administering onsite elections, we also offer secure, convenient and cost-effective options to add online voting options to turn your members into active voters.
  • Our direct mail and hybrid voting capabilities are the gold standard in the industry. We have administered hundreds of cooperative elections and we can create a customized plan for your organization.
  • Going door-to-door for physical signatures isn’t easy or possible, give your members the opportunity to use an easy online nominations and petition process.
  • Bonus: It simplifies and standardizes the nominations process for your election administrators as well.
  • With the majority of co-op meetings now virtual, we provide an affordable, highly secure way to conduct live votes during all digital meetings.

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