The foundation of any successful cooperative is member trust and transparency in decision-making. Failing to provide unbiased elections can leave you open to member scrutiny, negative publicity and even lawsuits.

With Survey & Ballot Systems’ (SBS) on-site and hybrid voting for cooperatives, cooperative leaders can ensure elections are fair, transparent, efficient and effective. SBS has helped plan and manage cooperative elections for nearly 30 years, acting as a trusted third party that can prevent common election problems while streamlining the voting process.


Cooperative Benefits

  • By using SBS’s co-op board election services, cooperatives can achieve 97% voter satisfaction or higher.
  • SBS offers easy-to-use tools, such as embedded login links and single sign-on technology, to make it simple for voters to participate.
  • Meanwhile, optional services like participation reminders and social media sharing enable cooperatives to spread the word and increase voter turnout. Video streaming also offers an effective way to engage voters on candidates and issues.
  • Cooperatives can count on accurate and certified election results. Through the use of 24/7 monitoring, ongoing vulnerability assessments and other advanced security measures, both voter details and election data are kept safe.
  • Additionally, data analytics tools offer cooperatives a chance to dive deeper into member voting information to help guide strategic organizational decisions.

Full-service offerings

SBS works closely with cooperative staff members throughout the entire election process, helping to make sure all goals and deadlines are met. In addition to having staff election experts on hand, cooperatives can rest easy knowing all SBS services are backed by professional liability insurance. If you want to streamline your elections, then our hybrid voting for cooperatives is perfect for you.

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