Streamlined HOA Electronic Voting Solutions

multiple options
  • Convenient Voting Options

    A multitude of voting options are available for your HOA. Whether done online, by phone, paper or a hybrid method, your votes are safe and guaranteed.

  • Centrally Located Data

    Manage your HOA election ballots for board of directors, proxy voting, bylaw amendments all from one central location. If you need weighted voting, simply apply the number of votes for each owner and see the influence in the results.

Option to utilize their self-administered platform or build your own election
  • Customer Support, If You Need It

    You have the option to utilize our self-administered platform and build your own election, or let us cover all of the bases for you. Customer support specialists are always available to make sure you understand every part of the election and everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Save time and money with their approach
  • Proven Savings on Resources

    Save time, money, and staff resources associated with the administration of your organization’s election by partnering with SBS.

Who we serve: HOAs

HOA Online Voting: Your Key to Inclusive Governance

HOAs rely on voting. It’s important that you offer a full suite of modern election services to help increase election participation while guiding you through bylaw amendments, proxy voting and more.

One of the best ways to get HOA members to vote is to make voting in the election easy and convenient. Paper homeowners association voting ballots can be tedious for both voters and election officials, so moving the election online (or adding HOA online voting as an option) is a great way to ensure more participation.

Survey & Ballot Systems offers a safe, secure and easy-to-manage HOA electronic voting software to accommodate the unique needs of HOAs with up to 5,000 voters.

Elevate Accuracy and Participation with Electronic Voting for HOAs

Online voting is automated and precise, no more having to worry about manual hand counts, tallying and duplicate ballots. Your association will also save time and money when you’re not designing, printing and mailing paper ballots.

Online voting can also increase HOA member participation in elections. When voting is easy and convenient, members vote. It’s that simple. There’s even mobile technology that allows members to vote from smartphones and tablets – wherever, whenever. And online voting is completely transparent so members see the process upfront and understand there is no mismanagement or fraud.

For three decades Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) has worked with HOAs to eliminate stress while ensuring a user-friendly, secure, transparent and official election while on a budget.

  • When in-person meetings aren’t possible, our Real-time Voting Software is a cost-effective way to enable live, official voting and reach a valid quorum using any virtual meeting software.
  • Simplifying your nominations process can encourage more members to run for open positions. Our Nominations and Petitions software also takes the stress out of administering the official nominations process.
  • If members can’t (or won’t) show up to vote in person, you can now offer a safe, secure online voting option. Our DIY Election Software is a self-administered, user-friendly way to increase voter participation.

Success Stories

HOA Voting Software Increases Participation In HOA Elections

Over 20 states in the US, including: Texas, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, South Carolina, Oregon, and Minnesota – have changed their laws to allow HOAs to vote online. Lots of time, energy, planning and resources go into each HOA election. When voter turnout is low or when there are issues executing the vote, the effect on HOA staff can be demoralizing. Allowing members to vote online removes the expense of designing, printing and mailing paper ballots. Online voting saves money and sanity.

Still, many member organizations still only offer limited options for their members to vote. When you know your member demographics, you can better offer multiple outlets to make it most convenient to cast a ballot. Our technology is not only secure, but extremely accurate. With the online data you gather from your association’s votes, you can easily segment reports based on the information you need to improve future election efforts.

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