• Electronic voting software like myDirectVote® lets club managers hold unbiased club board elections and bylaw voting intended to provide transparency, promote good governance and increase member satisfaction and trust.

  • Together with optional promotional tools like participation reminders and social sharing, clubs can enhance election awareness and encourage higher voter turnout. 24/7 monitoring, ongoing vulnerability assessments and other advanced security measures are also included to ensure club election protection.

Instant Election Results
  • Clubs can depend on instant election results via automatic tabulation processes. The days of time-consuming manual vote counting by club staff or election volunteers are over. Plus, online voting platforms for clubs allow you to reduce postage and printing costs that typically come with paper-based elections.

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  • Finally, valuable voter data can be made available to clubs through advanced analytics, segmentation and member survey services.

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Full-service offerings

The foundation of all sport and social clubs is strong member engagement. Every step — from electing leaders to voting on internal bylaws — requires members to participate and leadership to focus on increasing member involvement.

Maximizing member participation in club elections can be a time-consuming and expensive process when you attempt to handle it internally. Elections and increasing member engagement are vital to your governance and future operations, but cost is always a factor.

Fortunately, SBS provides economical options on how to run an election so your club can offer:

• A quick and easy, user-friendly online nominations process.
• A convenient, self-service online voting option.
• The opportunity to host secure, official, real-time voting during any virtual meeting.

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