Voting Services for Clubs

SBS has been helping Clubs simplify their voting processes for over three decades. Our solutions provide:

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  • Trusted and easy voting: Electronic voting software lets Club managers hold unbiased Club board elections and bylaw voting, providing transparency, promoting good governance, and increasing member satisfaction and trust.

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Instant Election Results
  • Instant tallies: Clubs utilizing our DIY software can depend on instant election results via automatic tabulation processes. The days of time-consuming manual vote counting by Club staff or election volunteers are over. Plus, online voting platforms for Clubs allow you to reduce postage and printing costs that typically come with paper-based elections.

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  • Robust security and analytics: SBS solutions offer 24/7 monitoring, ongoing vulnerability assessments and other advanced security measures to ensure Club election protection. Our solutions delivers valuable voter data through advanced analytics, segmentation, and member survey services. These election analytic tools will help you improve future elections.

Who we serve: Clubs

Full-service offerings

The foundation of all sport and social clubs is strong member engagement. Every step — from electing leaders to voting on internal bylaws — requires members to participate and leadership to focus on increasing member involvement.

Maximizing member participation in club elections can be a time-consuming and expensive process when you attempt to handleit without experienced help. Elections and increasing member engagement are vital to your governance and future operations, but cost is always a factor.

SBS can customize solutions based on the needs of your Club and members. We offer:

  • Fully managed election services: Our fully managed voting solution provides turnkey solutions and multiple voting methods backed by SBS election experts.
  • Online nomination services: SBS’ nomination and petition software makes voting processes quick, easy, and user-friendly.
  • DIY online election services: Our online voting option is a convenient, self-service election system for organizations with up to 5,000 voters.
  • Real-time voting services: SBS’ live voting system allows you to host secure, official, real-time voting during virtual meetings.

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Clubs We Serve

SBS has been helping various member organizations enhance elections since 1990. Some of the types of Clubs and member organizations we serve include:

  • Golf Clubs: Voting for your golf Club is quick and easy with online solutions, allowing your members to spend more time on the course than dealing with Club politics.
  • Country Clubs: Country Club voting can be seamless with SBS. Get all member input effortlessly and allow the club to be what it’s meant to be — a relaxing place for members to socialize, network, and unwind.
  • Yacht Clubs: Have your members vote in the comfort of their home, yacht, or anywhere else in the world with our frictionless solutions.
  • Racquet and Tennis Clubs: Leave the rackets on the court and squash any squabbles with secure and transparent ballot casting.
  • Recreation Clubs: Get feedback and simplify board elections with SBS software. The process is so convenient that your members won’t need to pause their game, match, or session to cast their ballots.
  • Athletic Clubs: Let the curling team, basketball players, gymnasts, or other athletes that make up your Club engage in elections wherever they are.

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SBS offers multiple voting options tailored to your Club. Whether you need an online, hybrid, paper-based, managed, or self-service solution, we can help. With our experience and robust, agile systems, you can improve member engagement and voter turnout and streamline your nomination and voting processes.

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