Nonprofits can explore our solutions to:


Virtual Meeting Voting
  • Diversify voting methods

    Our solutions include electronic, paper, onsite, mobile and hybrid voting options, so every member can vote in a practical way for their lifestyles.

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  • Bring members together

    Many nonprofit organizations exist nationally or internationally. When you have members worldwide, you need an easy way to bring your elections to everyone. SBS makes it possible with online voting services for nonprofits.

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  • Increase participation

    When voting is more accessible and tailored specifically to voters’ needs, more members participate. Higher participation rates are essential for decision-making in organizations because it includes every member’s perspective. This participation can also show your members that your value the democratic process and makes them more accepting of the results.

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  • Gather insights with data

    Your election data can tell you a lot about your members’ voting preferences. By leveraging voting analytics, your organization can improve future elections based on your findings

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Explore Our Service Options

SBS has different voting solutions for different voting needs and circumstances. With these service options, you can find the right solution for your organization:

  • Fully managed elections: Our fully managed or combination election services involve the SBS team handling all aspects of your election. Choose from one or multiple voting methods to ensure every member can vote easily in your next election. Our team handles all of the details, from sending voting reminders to delivering analytics when the election is done.
  • Real-time voting: Use our real-time voting software to get input from your members during meetings and other voting events. View live results as your members participate and edit motions as your meeting progresses to receive feedback on your topics.
  • DIY voting software: For nonprofit organizations with 5,000 members or less, our do-it-yourself voting software allows you to run elections on a simplified version of our platform. Enjoy the ease of creating your ballots on our platform, or count on SBS for managed services if you need the extra support.
  • Nomination software: When selecting new officers for your nonprofit organization, you must collect nominations first. With our nominations solution, you can easily compile all nominations for an upcoming election, and your members can submit their candidacy applications in minutes.

Choose SBS for Nonprofit Electronic Voting

SBS offers turnkey voting solutions for nonprofits of all sizes. Make sure every member has a voice and contact us today.