Real-Time Voting Software FAQ

How often does the average organization use Real-Time Voting Software?

Some organizations use our Real-Time Voting Software once or twice, for votes during an annual meeting or something of that nature; some organizations use it as the primary voting tool for regular business meetings and operating decisions. The platform allows you to easily designate others in your organization, like a committee chair, to form their own groups and privately administer separate votes.

Whether an organization uses our software for one vote per year or a hundred, the important thing is that organization has the ability to quickly take a vote, reach a decision and document the outcome. The platform builds confidence into every step of that process.

Will the Real-Time Voting Software be available for my organization to use when we need it?

Yes, of course. As a software-as-a-service platform, there are no limits to how many organizations can use it at any given time.

How do we get started with Real-Time Voting Software?

To get started view our plans and pricing.

What records does Real-Time Voting Software keep of our votes?

Our Real-Time Voting Software provides complete storage of all records related to an organization’s votes: meeting agendas, background documents that may be uploaded, quorum status, time stamps of votes and key steps in the process, lists of vote and meeting participants and detailed results. All of these records are available on demand for download and use however you want. This software is your digital file cabinet; whatever you need is there anytime you need it.

Can voters access results via Real-Time Voting Software?

Yes. Results are tabulated within the software in real time. If voters wish to access results after a vote takes place, they would need to reference their initial meeting invite email they received for that particular vote or meeting to access results. The only way a particular vote outcome would be unavailable would be if you chose to keep that information private and configured the vote accordingly.

What happens if/when a voter forgets their Real-Time Voting Software log-in credentials?

There are no user names or passwords for voters to remember. As long as they have their meeting invite, and the personalized link within that, they’re all set. Meeting administrators can send as many meeting invitations as they need to before or during a meeting.

What are our options for how to set up our votes?

This software provides a standard structure to setting up and conducting votes. Simply add your voting items, any web conference information, meeting documents, add the attendees, and you’re all set.

There also is a standard structure for warehousing supporting documents and results. To access them, click into your meetings and you’ll be able to access anything you need. This takes all the guesswork out of it from one meeting or vote to the next.

With this level of continuity and consistency, organizations and voters alike will see that you take your decisions and mission seriously and care about the integrity of your process.

Can we choose to have participants cast their vote by replying to their initial meeting email?

We don’t recommend it for several reasons:

  1. Email is inherently less secure than our Real-Time Voting Software, which features end-to-end encryption.
  2. It requires both the voter and the meeting administrator to keep records of email responses in addition to votes cast on the platform. It’s administrative work that is avoidable and unnecessary.
  3. It requires more time and effort than the standard Real-Time Voting Software process.
As votes take place, how will we know how ballots are coming in? Can we remind a voter to submit their ballot?

Administrators always will know exactly how a particular vote is proceeding, as their meeting dashboard will update in real-time. If a voter is running out of time to cast their ballot, administrators can easily send them a direct text or email.

Because of the automated process and simple interface, there’s no need for a voter to email a meeting administrator or the entire participant list for a status update. They’ll always have the information they need to make their decision properly.

The decision we need to make is quite sensitive in nature. Can we make voting anonymous?

Yes, absolutely. If that’s required for your vote, simply enable the anonymous vote setting within the meeting set-up section of the Real-Time Voting Software.

Several of our voters will have proxy votes. How do we account for those proxies?

It’s easy to access an individual participant and assign them more votes or more weight, by adjusting the allocated votes from one to as many as they are allowed.

How do we add or subtract a voter at the last minute?

Yes. Meeting administrators have the ability to amend or change participants within the Attendees tab of Real-Time Voting Software.

Can we keep voting open for a set period of time after our meeting ends?

Yes. Administrators have the ability to specify exact vote parameters at any time.

How easy is the Real-Time Voting Software to use?

Across the board, voters and administrators have raved that our software is one of the easiest technology platforms to use that they’ve ever seen. We anticipate your experience with it will be stress-free and enjoyable. If you ever wish to tell us more about your experience, or have ideas on how we can make the platform better, we hope you’ll send us your feedback via the Suggestions page of the Real-Time Voting Software.

What does the Real-Time Voting Software cost?

For organizations that wish to use our Real-Time Voting Software to administer their votes, there are several options. It’s possible to pay for one-time use if your needs are more finite, or there are subscription packages available starting at $49/month (with annual subscription) for organizations who wish to use it on a more regular basis.

Visit our plans and pricing page to get started.

Our software stands alone in the market because of its comprehensive feature set and remarkable ease of use. Still, pricing options compare favorably to other board management software.

How secure is the Real-Time Voting Software?

From top to bottom, the software integrates several industry-leading compliance and security features, some of which have been at the core of SBS’ election products and systems for decades. These include: end-to-end encryption; Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption to further secure data; an enterprise co-located data center with proper security and redundancy; and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance.

All administrators and voters can have confidence in the integrity of their meetings and vote.

Can I modify my subscription?

Yes, to upgrade or downgrade your Real-Time Voting Software subscription login to my account click Subscriptions, Modify Subscription, select the new plan from drop down menu, then select Switch Subscription.

Is the Real-Time Voting Software GDPR compliant?

As a data processor, we are committed to adhering with the GDPR. For more details visit our Privacy Policy and Real-Time Voting Software Terms of Use.

Is there a file size limit for each document in a Real-Time Voting Software meeting?

Meetings can have an unlimited number of documents and or files for voters to review. Each file can be up to 15 MB. Acceptable file types include .pdf, .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx.