Ensuring Accuracy in Proxy Voting

SBS offers a streamlined and secure proxy voting process. You can count on:

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  • A proven voting system: Our election process is tried and true — it’s been proven and perfected by SBS for over 30 years. You’ll get a fully auditable, defensible process for your elections that ensures the integrity of your results every time. Elections can be held in a variety of ways, such as by phone, web, paper, or a hybrid method.

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  • Robust security: Our systems provide complete application security to safeguard your elections. We leverage impenetrable TLS encryption for web voting. This encryption ensures that no one can tamper with results. All processes are auditable, meaning all voting by proxy is certified and guaranteed.

  • Superior support: Our specialist team is on standby for any queries or support needs that arise during elections. We can also do regular workflow audits and deliver expert inputs to help you enhance your elections.

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  • Industry-best solutions: SBS’ voting services for Mutual Insurance Companies are backed by industry-best data centers and top security frameworks. Your proxy votes are safe from tampering with TLS encryption. Our security experts perform continuous malware scans and vulnerability assessments, customizing forms to your requirements.

Who we serve: Mutual Insurance Companies

Comprehensive Electronic Proxy Voting Offerings

You’re committed to ensuring your policyholders receive first-rate solutions and service. SBS offers tailored election tools for Mutual Insurance Companies to help you deliver just that. Our solutions give you the personalized proxy voting services you need to enhance participation, protect member information, and safeguard your assets.

We provide:

  • Online voting capabilities: Members want the convenience of voting online. SBS can make it happen, supplementing your traditional voting procedures with secure online voting.
  • Simplified nomination processes: Ensuring each open position is contested is a proven way to increase voter participation. However, Mutual Insurance Companies often find it challenging to recruit multiple candidates. Making your nomination process simpler and more convenient for both members and administrators can be the answer. Our candidate nomination software is the way forward.

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Proxy Voting Options

Proxy voting is often used to increase policyholder participation in decision-making processes. At SBS, we support two distinct forms of proxy voting to meet the unique needs of Mutual Insurance Companies:

  • Direct proxy voting: A voter assigns the proxy to another person to vote in a specific way.
  • Indirect proxy voting: A voter assigns the proxy to another person and permits them to vote in any way they choose.

How SBS Can Make Your Election a Success

Within your Mutual Insurance Company, those with voting power can significantly influence decisions that impact your organization and policyholders. Proxy voting enables more voices to be heard, even if some individuals can’t physically cast their vote.

SBS offers the proxy voting tools and resources you need to hold effective elections. With customizable turnkey solutions, we can streamline your voting, increase participation, and enhance the security and integrity of your election processes.

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