Frequently Asked Questions

How does election management software help me run elections?

Elections are inherently very complex, and involve a host of different tasks, deadlines, and deliverables. Our team knows this, and went to work to bring multiple parts of the development and reporting process under a centralized location. This includes the Election Requirement Checklist, slate template, material specifications sheet, secure document sharing (database, logos, supplemental documents, bios, etc.) and reports including daily participation, final results, and broadcast email bounces.

What are the security protocols in place for SBSHub?

All data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest. All client users will need to create accounts and be authenticated at login.

How will clients access reports?

Clients can login to review the Daily Participation report. The report is accessible from the sidebar menu. The Daily Participation report will update online voting totals in real-time. Preliminary paper counts will be added once a day the same as the current reporting process. Clients will also be able to review final election results and lists. Note: Only users with report access will be able to view/download the reports.

Who will have access to SBSHub?

Access within SBSHub is determined by User Roles, which are created by your account manager during the project setup process. User’s roles include:

  1. Sales Contact: review & approve contract
  2. Authorized Signer: signs services agreement/contract
  3. Operations Contact: provides SBS slate, materials, and approvals
  4. Billing Contact: receives invoices
  5. Results Contact: receives final election results
  6. Database Contact: uploads files/databases to SBS

Note: One person might have multiple roles assigned to them, and will have ONE login with access to multiple areas within SBSHub. 

Is SBSHub used with all of SBS’ election solutions?

SBSHub is only used for our Fully Managed solutions.