Online Voting Software Based on Your Needs

At SBS, we know that every organization has different election requirements. With our various service options and voting management system, you can use our online voting tools in a way that works for your organization. Regardless of the service option you choose, our virtual voting software allows your members to participate wherever they’re located.

Fully Managed

Our fully managed elections allow your administrators to hand their responsibilities over to our team. With our turnkey services, we design an election platform that helps to maximize voter participation for large or small voter pools. While our fully managed elections can be entirely online, we can also design combination elections that use our online voting software along with other methods, like mail-in ballots and onsite voting.

SBS offers turnkey election services for more complex elections that require features like rank choice voting, bilingual ballots, weighted voting and more. These services include a custom-built website for online voting and ensuring data security with TLS encryption in transit and at rest.

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DIY Online Voting

With our do-it-yourself online voting software, your organization can leverage a customizable version of our voting platform to run elections with 5,000 voters or less. Our DIY online voting tool features an intuitive cloud-based platform that makes it easy to design your election and create a streamlined voting process for your members.

Set your election to open and close during a preferred window and deliver personalized emails and texts to your members to make it easy for them to access the online ballot. While our DIY solution empowers your organization to design your election independently, should you require additional support, SBS can also help in managing the process to create distance between your administrators and the voting process.

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Real-Time Voting Software

Real-time voting software is best used for live online voting during meetings and other events. This cloud-based software can be accessed through a browser, so attendees don’t need to download an app to vote. We’ve also optimized this solution for computer, tablet and mobile for voters to use their preferred devices.

Our live online voting software allows users to update the ballot in real time, allowing administrators to drag and drop motions with the meeting flow. Other features of our real-time software include document sharing, email and text invites, automated post-meeting emails and a chat feature where you can create groups and message admins/voters all within the platform. Through the software’s user-friendly dashboard, administrators can view live results, monitor attendees and more.

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Made for Organizations That Want to Modernize

As most processes shift to online environments, more of your members may expect online voting. Our electronic voting software is an excellent option for any organization that requires member feedback often and wants to streamline its processes. SBS created our solutions with flexibility, so you can embrace modern options as well as more traditional voting methods. Ensure every member feels heard with SBS.

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SBS has a wide range of online voting solutions to align with your organization’s needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss our online voting service and other options.

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Online voting combined with paper ballots can increase voter participation