The Benefits of Our Paper Ballot Voting Solutions

SBS offers paper ballot voting options designed to increase your election’s security, accuracy and efficiency. We use a proven process that includes:

  • A sophisticated chain of custody: We closely follow and accurately document election mailings so you can trust that they remain secure and valid.
  • Comprehensive quality assurance: From address proofing to camera systems that match inserts to envelopes, our processes assure quality.
  • Stringent security standards: We follow tight security protocols, such as storing physical ballots in a securely locked vault, to ensure the integrity of your election.
  • Trustworthy results: Administrators can watch a private live stream as SBS opens, scans, reviews and counts votes.

Our paper ballot solutions are helpful for a variety of voting scenarios, including the following:

  • Director elections
  • Mergers
  • Bylaw votes
  • Contract approvals
  • Articles of incorporation
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Why SBS?

SBS has worked with a variety of organizations since 1990, providing customized voting solutions that encourage participation, ensure security and increase connection with members. Our flexible voting options allow you to create an effective election process for your organization.

We offer full-service customer support throughout the entire election process. You’ll work with a dedicated team led by an experienced project manager who keeps your project on schedule and aligned with your goals and requirements. From in-depth reporting to robust member support, we offer everything you need to optimize your election processes for greater accuracy and security.

Learn More About Our Mail-in Voting Options

SBS proudly maintains a tradition of success and client satisfaction, so you can trust our dedicated service to benefit your organization. We have the accurate, secure and efficient paper voting solutions you need to streamline and enhance your election process. Contact us today to learn more about our mail-in voting options.