Make Voting Easy With One-Click Accessibility

Online voting should be easy. At SBS, we make online voting accessible with auto login links sent to your voters’ emails. The function is simple. When your voters click the link in their email, they’re immediately directed to our online platform where they can submit their vote — no login necessary.

Making sure everyone is heard is critical to your organization. When participation is simple, your members can trust the results reflect a collective representation of your entire organization.


Mutual Insurance Companies

There are two major benefits to embedded login links:

  • Increased participation: When voters have to jump through hoops to submit their ballots, they’re less likely to participate. Online voting on its own is an excellent way to make voting more accessible, but adding more steps like, entering a username and password, can stand in the way. Voters may not remember the passwords, face additional steps to reset, and end up opting out entirely due to the inconvenience. With one-click login, voting takes seconds.
  • Reduced member inquiries: A confusing voting process will lead to more questions for your administrators. Forgotten passwords and challenges with logging in lead to more frustration and limited voter participation. Our auto login links streamline the process so your administrators can focus on more important tasks while every voter can effortlessly participate in sharing their thoughts.

Collaborate With SBS for Your Next Election

SBS offers user-friendly voting solutions that encourage voter participation for organizations of all sizes. While our combination elections can lead to impressive voter turnout, add-on options like embedded login links can streamline your election further. Get in touch with us today to design your election.