Your farm credit association deserves the best tools available for facilitating safe, efficient and effective elections that maximize participation from your members. Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) provides election services for farm credit associations that can help you ensure everything from the nominations process to member voting are conducted under proper conditions, with ease of use and the highest level of security and auditability.

SBS brings its vast 28 years of experience in customer service and election technology to the table to assist in obtaining the most accurate results possible. No matter the voting methods – mail, online, or a hybrid voting system – your election will run smoothly, securely and accurately.

Farm Credit Association Benefits

  • A fully auditable, defensible process for your election ensures voting results are guaranteed and certifiable every time. Whether done by phone, web, paper or a hybrid method, your votes are safe from tampering thanks to features such as strong TLS encryption and a proven election process perfected by SBS since 1990.
  • Your members can rest easy knowing the voting process is transparent and their vote is anonymous. SBS can help you achieve at least a 97% voter satisfaction rate, thanks to a streamlined voting system and comprehensive options for detailed and timely reporting.
  • The hands-on approach SBS uses commonly results in savings related to time, money, and staff resources associated with the administration of your organization’s election. You can always be confident your election will be as convenient and cost-effective as possible.
  • A dedicated project manager oversees your election from start to finish. Every stage of the process is monitored through a central project management system to keep it on track. Regular workflow audits and experienced personnel are available to continually improve your election.

Full-service offerings

SBS has the experience and expertise you need to take your farm credit association’s election to the next level. We provide unparalleled customer support and consulting to guide you throughout the implementation and execution of your election.

Whether supporting your nominations process, mailing your Annual Meeting Information Statements (AMIS), managing your election, or sending your results postcard, SBS provides your farm credit association a one-stop shop for your governance needs.

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