Increase Voter Turnout With Voting Reminders

Voter turnout, or lack thereof, remains a crucial concern in all elections. Low voter turnout can be especially damaging for member organizations, since these institutions require full participation to operate most effectively and in line with member wishes.

For this reason, SBS can incorporate participation reminders into its services, utilizing everything from emails and postcards to special letters intended to maximize turnout in organizational elections.

Data from around the world shows election reminders can increase voter turnout and increase voting response rate with email reminders. In fact, the greater the number of reminders, the more likely it is members will vote. Each round of participation reminders historically increases voter turnout by an average of approximately 5%. Organizations hoping to maximize voter response have a clear solution.

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Strategic Methods for the Best Results

While voting reminders clearly influence voter turnout, they need to be designed strategically. Different types of voters will respond to different reminders. SBS offers voting reminders in a range of forms to work for every type of voter, including:

A voter who is comfortable with their smartphone might value an iCalendar reminder, while a less tech-savvy voter may prefer a letter or postcard sent in the mail. We carefully assess your voter pool to understand what reminder methods will have the most impact.

In addition to choosing the right reminders, timing plays a role. Individuals are more likely to respond to these reminders at certain times. When developing a reminder strategy, SBS considers the best times for the highest response rate from your voters.

Customize Your Election Based on Your Priorities

At SBS, we provide the tools you need for a successful election. Our voting reminders are one of many add-on services you can include in your election to encourage participation and get the most value from the process. Our other add-on services include:

When designing your election, we’ll collaborate with you to uncover your priorities and determine which of these services align with your goals.

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Turn to SBS for Your Next Election

SBS makes elections more manageable and accessible with a range of voting solutions, from real-time voting software to combination elections. Our combination elections are a full-service solution where our team runs your election with various voting methods, such as online, onsite and mobile voting. Use our voting reminders as an optional add-on to increase voter turnout and make sure every member of your organization has a voice.

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