Streamlined and Secure Voting Software for Associations

Virtual Meeting Voting
  • Optional Association Voting Enhancements

    With SBS, associations can count on optional services designed to streamline online voting, increase voter participation, reduce election costs and provide valuable voter information.

  • State-of-the-Art Technology

    Advanced analytics, geo-spatial mapping, segmentation, and census services also offer numerous ways for associations to capture and utilize valuable data. Make decisions strategically for effective elections now and down the road.

  • Online Voting For Associations Made Easy

    Options like embedded login links and single sign-on technology make it easy for association members to cast their votes. SBS’ focus on ease of use also reduces help desk queries, saving associations time and money. Online voting services for associations are also extremely accurate and secure — both of which are important. These aspects make them more likely to participate.

Monitoring and response
  • Security, Guaranteed

    With our online voting platform for associations, groups can achieve a 97% voter satisfaction rate or higher and ensure sensitive data is protected. Organizations depend on SBS for 24/7 monitoring and response, ongoing vulnerability assessments, and advanced security measures to keep data safe.

Association Candidates

Online Voting Service For Associations

There are more than 90,000 professional associations in the U.S. The success of these associations depends on member involvement. You want to hear your members’ voices, especially when it comes to elections and decision-making practices — SBS is here for you each step of the way.

For more than 30 years, Survey & Ballot Systems has helped associations maximize voter participation in association voting and increase member engagement opportunities.


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Maximize Engagement With Online Voting for Associations

Two proactive ways to increase voter participation are to ensure all of your elections are contested with multiple candidates on the ballot and to offer convenient participation options online.

When your nominations process is straightforward and user-friendly, your members are more likely to participate. And when your elections have multiple candidates, your members are more likely to vote.

  • Our Nominations and Petitions software offers a simple, secure, and standardized nomination process that provides an easy, time-saving way for candidates to submit information online. It’s also customizable and makes it effortless for administrators to track nominations.
  • Offering an option for members to vote online can improve your voter participation numbers. SBS administers online elections, and we offer a safe self-service option for online elections, too.
  • For associations needing to conduct secure, official, real-time votes and reach a certified quorum during a virtual meeting, SBS provides Real-time Voting Software.

Advantages of Partnering With SBS for Association Voting Services

The experts at SBS take pride in helping your association complete voting obligations. Our services give you the flexibility to run private elections without reinventing the wheel. Whether you are interested in real-time online voting, paper ballots, or hybrid elections, our professionals are willing to help you decide on a customizable solution that makes sense for your goals.

We separate ourselves from competing outlets with exceptional attention to detail and the highest degree of customer service. We go above and beyond for you with online voting services for associations that provide one-of-a-kind benefits:

  • Zero miscalculations: With SBS on your side, you can forget about human errors interfering with the association voting process. Our online software is accurate, so you don’t have to think about anyone messing with data or tampering with results.
  • Convenience factor: Boost your participation rates by making it easier than ever for association members to vote. Gone are the days of needing all members to travel to a single location for voting — encourage voting with a straightforward login and completion process.
  • Tutorial videos: Feel confident in creating an online voting platform for associations. SBS supports you with tutorial videos that can walk you and your members through the process of voting. From logging in to navigating to the correct page for voting, we’ve got you covered.
  • Reduced Staff Burden: Bringing your association voting polls online means hiring fewer people to tally up votes manually. Save money by keeping all of your voting endeavors under a single umbrella to use funds elsewhere within your association.
  • Dedicated project managers: We give you our undivided attention throughout the planning, testing, and voting process. We introduce you to a project manager who acts as your single point of contact should you have questions or need further assistance.
Online voting combined with paper ballots can increase voter participation

Your Trusted Source for Association Voting Assistance

Few organizations can state they have been making a difference in the private election industry since 1990 like Survey & Ballot Systems can. Our experts are passionate about helping you create private elections using methods that exceed your expectations for accessibility and time savings.

The numbers are on our side when it’s time to choose an partner for association voting services — our team conducts more than 800 elections annually. This translates to millions of voters being served internationally every year.

Many of the private elections we help organize involve thousands of members each, which proves we have the skills, resources, and experience to take your operations to the next level.

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