Virtual Meeting Voting

Optional Association Voting Enhancements

With SBS, associations can count on optional additional services designed to streamline online voting, increase voter participation, reduce election costs and provide valuable voter information.


State-of-the-Art Technology

Advanced analytics, geo-spatial mapping, segmentation and census services also offer numerous optional ways for associations to capture and utilize valuable data, making for more strategic decision-making and even more effective elections in the future.


Online Voting Made Easily Accessible for Associations

Options like embedded login links and single sign-on technology make it easy for association members to cast their votes. SBS’ focus on ease of use also reduces help desk queries, saving associations time and money. Online voting options for associations are also extremely accurate and secure, both of which are important and convenient for your voters, making them more likely to participate.  

Monitoring and response

Security, Guaranteed

With our online voting platform for associations, groups can achieve a 97% voter satisfaction rate or higher while ensuring sensitive data is protected. Organizations using SBS leverage 24/7 monitoring and response, ongoing vulnerability assessments and many more advanced security measures to support data protection.

Association Candidates

Full-Service Association Voting Offerings

There are more than 90,000 professional associations in the U.S. The success of each and every association depends on member involvement. You want to hear your members’ voices, especially when it comes to election time and strategic decision-making.

For more than 30 years, Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) has helped associations maximize voter participation and securely increase member engagement opportunities.

Two of the most effective ways to increase voter participation are to ensure all your elections are contested with multiple candidates on the ballot and to offer convenient online participation options.

When your nominations process is straightforward and user-friendly, your members are more likely to run. And when your elections have multiple candidates, your members are more likely to vote.

  • DirectNominations offers a simple, secure, standardized nominations process that provides an easy, time-saving way for potential candidates to submit their information online. It’s also fully customizable and makes it effortless for administrators to track and process nominations.
  • Offering an option for members to vote online can skyrocket your voter participation numbers. SBS securely administers online elections and we offer a safe self-service option for online elections as well.
  • For associations needing to conduct secure, official, real-time votes and reach a certified quorum during any virtual meeting, SBS provides DirectVoteLive.