As an educational institution, you can benefit from the broad portfolio of online voting solutions and professional guidance available from Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS).

When you elect the leadership of your school or other organization, you are looking to ensure a fair election under a principle of “one person, one vote.” Plus, you want to maximize participation, save money, and protect your students and members. SBS helps you accomplish all these goals and make online voting for school elections as seamless of an experience as possible.

For more than 26 years, SBS has excelled at delivering innovative technologies with unparalleled customer service, security and accuracy. You can be confident that you will get the most efficient election service possible.

Educational Institution Benefits

  • With SBS solutions, educational institutions gain a wide set of advantages in managing their elections, allowing them to provide a streamlined voting experience, top-notch security and reputable results.
  • Complete application security guards the integrity of your elections. Strong TLS encryption for web voting ensures no one can tamper with the process. Meanwhile, everything is auditable, certifying and guaranteeing all voting results.
  • Additional services such as advanced analytics enable your educational institution to capture many different types of data. With this information, it is easier than ever to make smart decisions about election outcomes and then refine future elections.
  • Online, phone, in-person and hybrid voting techniques are supported by SBS. No matter which option your institution chooses, SBS provides in-depth election reporting on your election results, as well as custom participation plans so your organization can best achieve its goals.
  • Whether it’s in-person school board elections or an online voting platform for student elections, SBS can help. SBS provides voting services that result in higher voter satisfaction and election integrity. On a technical level, SBS also provides 24/7 monitoring, along with vulnerability assessment as needed.

Expert Guidance

SBS is here to help your organization throughout the entire election process and ensure all your key goals and guidelines are met. We offer liability insurance as well as a staff of experienced election experts to guide the process from start to finish.

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