Unions play a key role, as negotiators between workers and management. A functioning union requires a productive relationship between membership and leadership, which often plays out in the union’s elections.Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) is a trusted election partner with more than two decades of experience and expertise in managing voting services. By working with SBS, your union can ensure it gets a secure and auditable process, an intuitive voting system and ongoing support from SBS election experts.


Union benefits

  • SBS and our labor union election services gives you a complete election management solution, one that has been proven over many years and with the secure votes of millions of organizational members. Optional features such as embedded login links, as well as a variety of voting service, help increase turnout in union elections.
  • Elections can be conducted on the web, over the phone, in-person or through a combination of these options. In every case, SBS protects the election results with extensive security measures such as TLS encryption and trusted oversight. Customization options are available to make any SBS service a perfect fit for your union’s particular structure and requirements.
  • In-depth reporting and analytics enable you to capture vital information about your elections and members. With this data, you can improve future elections.
  • At the same time, you save money on your elections by eliminating waste and improving efficiency. With our labor union election voting software, your union leadership can be freed up to focus more of its time on other operations, confident elections are being properly run with trusted expertise.

Full-service offering

SBS is committed to your satisfaction and success. In addition to our secure technologies, we offer comprehensive project management capabilities to guide your election endeavors from start to finish. Our expert team is here to help you with all data collection, reporting and governance needs that may arise.

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