About Us

Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) works with the world’s top associations, cooperatives and member-based organizations to plan and manage election needs. In 1990, a main of objective of SBS’s employees was to help customers solve their data collection needs through innovative solutions. During our tenure as an election services company, we’ve continued to expand our expertise and knowledge; evolving to support and utilize election technology advancements.

Integrity is a core value of how we conduct business and manage elections, while offering clients a variety of products that align with their needs. From client self-administration online elections to full-service elections, the end result is a high-end election. Whether your election needs require paper ballots, online voting, onsite, telephone voting, or a hybrid voting option, we promise a shared commitment to a successful election.

As a secure election services company, SBS practices the highest level of security. Learn more.

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