About Our Voting Online Software

Our cloud-based software is an award-winning solution for numerous reasons.

Security for integrity of elections
  • Outstanding Administrator and Voter Experiences

    Our software prioritizes the user experience for both administrators and voters.

    Election officials enjoy full control to customize the platform for their specific needs. Setting up the election is seamless, with an intuitive interface and unified dashboard. Personalize the ballot with your candidate information, logos, and more. Easily upload a .csv or .xls voter database, and automatically text or email voters about ballot availability. Schedule the time frame for vote submission directly within the portal, and the election will seamlessly align to your requirements.

    The voter experience is equally enjoyable. Your members benefit from one-click, secure sign-ins. They can access candidate data directly in the platform to compare credentials, goals, and more as they’re preparing to vote.

Customer Support
  • Exceptional Support

    Our team has experience with all types of elections, mergers, amendment votes, and meetings. We go the extra mile to provide exceptional support to our customers and their members for an individualized, hassle-free and enjoyable experience. Help is available by email, web chat and phone for added convenience.

    SBS also has the necessary resources to cater to organizations seeking increased support. We can help you separate yourself from the entire process by engaging a dedicated SBS team member to fully manage it on your behalf.

Complete election management solution
  • Extensive Customization

    Our DIY voting platform offers complete customization for your organization’s needs, making it ideal for budget approvals, Board of Directors elections, special project votes, and bylaw voting.

    Conduct your election completely online, or make it hybrid with paper mailing options built directly into our easy-to-use interface. Segment your members and customize their communications according to their preferences. Our team can also oversee and manage this for you if desired.

Instant Election Results
  • Real-Time Visibility

    Our DIY voting platform offers up-to-the-minute visibility so you can review data immediately with a few clicks. That feature allows you to monitor the real-time impact of voting reminders, see changes as they occur, and view outcomes as soon as voting closes. You can also access historical data to compare and contrast information from prior years.

    Optional custom reporting is also available to drill down into your membership base and gain meaningful insights.

a laptop with the word directvote on the screen

Why Choose Our Group Voting Tool?

SBS is a trusted election partner to organizations countrywide because of the benefits we bring, including:

  • Increased voter engagement: Your voters can cast their ballots from anywhere, leading to higher turnouts.
  • Simplified processes: Our platform eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual calculations and tabulations from more complex elections, such as weighted voting.
  • Peace of mind: We employ Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption technology, have robust malware protection, and receive third-party audits to verify compliance with SOC 2 data privacy guidelines.

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Trust SBS for DIY Voting Software

We partner with administrators in organizations of many types to provide award-winning tools for overseeing their online elections, participation, and results. Our secure and reliable solutions help host over 800 elections annually.

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