Election Red Flags That’ll Haunt Your Organization

Everyone loves when Halloween is approaching with costume contests, jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treaters and everyone’s favorite: scary stories. No matter how much you love a good scary story, there’s one that you’ll want to avoid hearing: the story of a failed election process.

Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) has administered elections since 1990, meaning we’ve heard all kinds of election horror stories, which can result in unnecessary staff involvement, angry members and costly expenses for your organization.

We wanted to share some “red flags” to avoid that will ensure you don’t get tricked into a haunting election process, giving your members the treat they deserve this Halloween.

  1. Not following the timeline that was created or falling being behind schedule.
  2. Having a petition deadline only a few days before mailing of your ballots.
  3. Missing engagement opportunities to allow more members to participate in the voting process.
  4. Lack of open and convenient methods for members to be nominated and placed on the ballot. You want the best candidates to be on the ballot.
  5. Taking nominations from the floor of a meeting. This can lead to last-second surprises regarding contested elections, and rush printing can drive costs up.
  6. An “unsecure” system that lacks protection of member and election data.
  7. Lack of transparency in the entire process from nominations to tabulation of ballots.
  8. Using ‘fly by night’ election vendors (home based business/small staff/unsecure platform).
  9. Not worrying if there are auditable steps are in place in that support the process and the outcome.
  10. Involving too many staff members.

If any of these red flags are present in your election process, it may be time to reconsider how your election process is handled.

At SBS, we strive to make sure that all your election requirements are meet, as well as, providing you with the resources to avoid election red flags. To learn more about how you can prevent an election horror story feel free to contact us, we’ll help your election shine brighter that a jack-o-lantern on Halloween night.