One way to ease the burden of staff shortages in private clubs

Published: April 19, 2022. Last modified: August 25, 2022.


What you need to know:

  • The hospitality industry in the U.S. has at least 1.5 million open positions that need to be filled.
  • Private club leaders are straining under the weight of member needs and expectations while filling in across the board for unstaffed positions.
  • Elections and annual meetings are still a requirement, but SBS has an easy, affordable solution to help remove the burden of administering elections while potentially increasing voter participation.

The postings for open opportunities at private clubs around the country are nearly endless: Servers, bartenders, greenskeepers, general managers, pool concierge, cooks, caddies, maintenance technicians – the list seemingly goes on and on.

The pandemic has hit the hospitality industry hard, and private clubs are no exception. According to the U.S. Travel Association, employment in the leisure and hospitality sector is down more than 8 percent since early 2020 with more than 1.5 million jobs still to be filled. Club leaders were already wearing many hats and now, with an increasing number of activities fully opening up, new and existing members are ready to take full advantage of what their clubs have to offer. That means club leaders and staff will be spread thinner, making private club elections more difficult.

Of course, you want to give members the services and experiences they expect, all with sterling service. But, without enough staff members to meet your club’s needs and members’ demands, that task is becoming even more difficult.

So, when you find an opportunity to remove some tasks from the plates of club leadership, take it! And SBS is here to help with your election. Remember the election? The event you’re required to hold regularly? The long to-do list of marketing, communications, ballots, security, reminders, voting, tallying and more?

Yeah, that election. It still has to happen. But it doesn’t have to take the precious time of club leadership and staff.

SBS offers DIY Election Software self-administered voting software so you can still DIY your private club’s election, but do so conveniently, efficiently, securely and affordably. In a fully DIY election, the club will setup, test and execute the election all within myDirectVote. We’ll provide an hour of development support, review the election website before voting, and provide all reports. If your election staff is already wearing too many hats, SBS can fully manage the election for your club. In a fully supported myDirectVote election, the club provides key details such as dates, offices and candidates – then SBS builds the site to your specifications.

Adding an online voting option to your election is seen as an immediate upgrade by many of your members. It reduces the burden on your team and makes your election infinitely more manageable, using myDirectVote can also increase voter participation.

The system is easy to manage, and setup is virtually effortless for administrators. Using myDirectVote ensures a secure infrastructure and safeguards the integrity of your election results. myDirectVote provides accurate and secure results every time and you can count on our reliable, expert technical support whenever you need it.

Best of all, myDirectVote is affordable, featuring a tiered pricing system so you can choose the solution that best aligns with your needs and goals.

Imagine your private club’s election happening seamlessly with just a few clicks. Now imagine what your leadership and staff can do with the time saved by not having to administer elections as you have in the past.

Take back your time and focus on delivering fantastic member experiences. Trust the experts at SBS to help you make your next election the best, most effective, and efficient ever. Have questions about myDirectVote? Contact us any time, we’re here to help.