Strategies to Simplify Your HOA Election

Many homeowners’ associations (HOAs) face a common issue of running a complex election year after year. This often leads to excessive involvement of staff or volunteer members, issues tabulating results and confusion about which method to use when voting in your annual election.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of the election process for HOAs, by providing strategies and resources that simplify the election process. Here are some of our most successful strategies to ensure your HOA is getting the most out of your next election.

Strategy #1: Online Voting

The most important strategy we suggest you implement is to move your election online. This voting method will make your elections much simpler to administer and is often more affordable then running a mail-in election.

With recent enhancements made to our online voting platform, myDirectVote, we’ve made voting easier than ever for your members, while reducing the staff involvement in your election process.

With the new enhanced features, design and seamless navigation, it makes setting up any online voting event easy for administrators while a secure infrastructure safeguards the integrity of your election results.

Strategy #2: Following Timelines

Following a timeline is essential to the success of your election. At SBS, we’ll work with you to create a timeline that highlights key dates to deliver information to your members about the upcoming election.

HOAs may include many methods of voting, and understanding all the moving parts of a hybrid election can be daunting. Creating a timeline helps by providing dates to work from when promoting your election to members, as well as, when to provide key information to your election partner.

Strategy #3: One Point of Contact

It’s important to try to have one main point of contact from your HOA who will be the decision maker if any questions arise, or if there’s a need for clarification at any point in the process. This saves time as you won’t have to run smaller questions and decisions up the chain of command.

Strategy #4: Limited Number of Voting Methods

As stated before, online voting can benefit your election immensely, but there are a fair number of HOAs accepting called in, or faxed in ballots. While these methods may help reach a quorum or increase member participation, it’s not recommended to have your election administrator or staff tabulate the results.

Online voting is beneficial for your staff and members by making voting accessible across multiple devices. Online voting also simplifies tabulating the results by not having to keep track of over-voting across 3 or 4 different methods.

To learn more about how our strategies can help simplify your election process contact us at 1.800.974.8099, we’re here to help!