Tips for HOA Elections

Homeowners association (HOA) elections are essential for the community’s success and well-being. Effective election processes ensure the right people are appointed to serve the community, maintain property values, and represent member interests. HOA elections can be complex, with excessive staff or volunteer member involvement, issues tabulating results, and confusion about which method to use when voting in your annual election.

At Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), we’ve taken the guesswork out of the election process for HOAs by providing strategies and resources that simplify and enhance HOA elections. Here are some of our most successful strategies to ensure your HOA is getting the most out of your next election.

1. Understand Election Requirements

Everyone involved in the election process needs to understand the requirements outlined in the HOA’s governing documents. As you meet requirements and set appropriate expectations, you can ensure your election is valid.

Governing documents will cover how to hold an HOA election and prepare you to handle certain situations and questions that may arise throughout the process. They typically include information such as:

  • Who is eligible for election.
  • Who is allowed to vote.
  • How to document election procedures.
  • How many votes are required to secure an election.

2. Engage the Community

A successful HOA election depends on community engagement. Community members need to know election details far enough in advance so they can adequately prepare to vote. The essential information you should share with your community includes:

  • Candidate bios.
  • Election dates.
  • Details about any additional measures on the ballot.

You can effectively engage your members by following a timeline for community outreach programs and election milestones. HOA elections have many moving parts, so keeping track of key dates and sending out reminders in advance will help you keep members informed throughout the entire process.

3. Reach a Quorum and Prepare Proxies

Voter engagement is crucial because you need to reach a quorum for the election to be valid. A quorum is the minimum number of voters needed to conduct business. Many HOAs require 10% of voting members to be present, though the number may differ from association to association. Without reaching quorum, the election will need to be rescheduled.

One way to ensure you reach a quorum is to prepare and send proxy forms well in advance. Voting by proxy allows association members who can’t attend the election to pick a representative to vote in their place. Proxy forms should contain details about candidates and room to write in additional names.

4. Set up Online Voting

Another way to encourage voter engagement and ensure you reach a quorum is to move your election online. A secure online voting system is convenient for your members since they can easily cast their votes from anywhere. They can quickly access essential election information and make informed decisions that benefit the community.

Online voting also benefits your organization by making your elections more affordable and much simpler to administer. Other benefits you can experience include:

  • Reduced staff involvement.
  • Streamlined results, reports, and analysis.
  • Ensured ballot integrity and voting accuracy.

When looking for an online voting system, choose one that offers seamless navigation and adequate security to ensure ballot integrity. SBS offers online voting solutions that provide enhanced features, designs, and navigational tools to make voting easier than ever for your members.

Simplify Your HOA Elections With Survey & Ballot Systems

SBS offers secure, dependable voting systems designed to increase engagement and efficiency. We’ll work with you to set up a user-friendly online voting event that makes your HOA election a success. Contact us online to learn more about our election management solutions!