Online Proxy Voting and High Security – Two must-haves for Mutual Insurance Companies

You may have noticed recently that one of the top requests by policyholders is that mutual insurance companies offer an online proxy.


Online proxy is convenient for policyholders, it allows for a greater number to participate in the governance of the organization and it’s far more transparent than solely offering paper ballots and legal notices.

Proxy voting also offers plenty of benefits and opportunities for your organization as well.

With any election, but especially in the mutual insurance industry, state-of-the-art security is essential when including a digital element such as an online proxy.

When your organization is considering this option, it’s vital to look for a partner who provides the following:

  • Utilizes the same level of security with an online proxy as you do with policyholders’ personal and financial information.
  • Uses the strongest available encryption for all data.
  • Offers an in-depth data security plan.
  • Builds all applications on a robust and secure .NET web framework
  • Experienced programmers that ensure all online systems are up-to-date and all coding is completed in-house, so security is far less likely to be compromised.
  • Utilizes encryption, firewalls, hard passcode policies, active monitoring processes and limited credentialed access for policyholder databases.
  • Uses an enterprise-level data center to ensure external security review, co-located data, assist with secure storage management and more.

Survey & Ballot Systems has been a leader in online election technology since 1990. We set the standard for security best practices as they apply to online proxies for mutual insurance companies.

If your mutual insurance company is exploring online proxy voting, but the security requirements feel daunting, contact us, we’re here to help!