Event Voting from Survey & Ballot Systems [Video]

Event Voting

Looking to host online voting live at an event like an annual meeting? With myDirectVote, that wish is now a reality.

All you need to do is build your ballot, add a voter list and you’re ready to go. You can add additional voters on the fly and email their login information or print paper ballots onsite for those members who prefer a more traditional voting option. myDirectVote allows you to see in real-time who has voted, whether they requested a paper ballot and captures any changes to the email address you have on file for them.

Your organization can register members and provide voting to them in a fast and convenient way. Make voting at an onsite event a breeze for your members and your staff with myDirectVote’s Event Voting option. Want to learn more about what the system looks like or sit in on a live demonstration? Contact us today!

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