Security for integrity of elections


Ensure a secure infrastructure and safeguard the integrity of your election results. myDirectVote protects against malware and surveillance that could influence vote tallies. Our robust cloud-based environment ensures automatic updates and the utmost security for your elections.

Complete election management solution

Easy to manage

Make your elections effortless and never a burden for your team. myDirectVote is easy to manage and it automatically updates. Enhanced features, design and seamless navigation make setting up any online voting event easy for administrators.

DIY or Managed Services

Choose between a myDirectVote platform that is completely Do-It-Yourself (DIY), or as a fully-managed service. SBS can be as hands-on, or as hands-off, as you’d like in your election. myDirectVote is an election voting solution, tailored to your organization’s unique election needs. With multiple options to fit your budget based on the required level of assistance, design or customization, there’s a tiered option for any project. Every myDirectVote election includes a reminder email to maximize voter participation and member engagement.

Customer Support

Unmatched service and features

myDirectVote provides accurate and secure results every time and comes with reliable, expert technical support. Simplify annual meeting elections with Live Event Voting, where myDirectVote allows members to vote live, in real time at your event. Promote your national association or corporate partners with myDirectVote sponsorship logo placement throughout the election website.

How myDirectVote Works

Think running an election on your own is too difficult? Think again! With myDirectVote® you can set up, manage, and report the results of your election in three easy steps.

Step 1: Create Your Election

  • Easy administration: Manage your election efficiently from a single dashboard on the digital platform
  • Build your ballot: Tailor the ballot to your needs with a logo, offices and candidates
  • Voter database: Upload a .xls or csv file of eligible voters into myDV
  • Custom scheduling: Set the online election to open and close voting at a preferred time
  • Email invites: Deliver personalized emails to voters encouraging them to participate

Step 2: Voter Experience

  • Ease of use: With a single click, voters are securely logged in and can cast their ballot
  • Informed decisions: Easily compare candidate statements, resumes, experience and more directly on the ballot

Voting steps:

  1. Login: Voters access the ballot after receiving an email and logging into the website
  2. Cast Ballot: They make their selections from available candidates and ballot choices
  3. Confirmation: Voters receive an email confirming their ballot was successfully cast

Step 3: Results

  • On-demand: Review voting results in real time or immediately upon close of voting
  • Daily statistics: View voter turnout by day and impact of reminder emails
  • Additional analysis: Dive into voting trends with tailored breakdown reports upon request

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