The key to high voter participation is making online voting as easy as possible. With DirectVote® and DirectVotePlus® Single Sign-On for online voting, organizations can do just that.

Survey & Ballot Systems’ (SBS) SSO technology makes it simple to transform your website into an online voting portal for organization members. This way everyone from associations to unions can streamline elections using their own established login processes.

SSO is ideal for voters who are in a hurry or who have trouble remembering their login credentials. By incorporating SSO, organizations can head off voter frustration, promote participation and cut down on help desks costs, all while enjoying the benefits of SBS products and services.


Reduces member frustration Computers may be a standard tool for most Americans, but not every organization member considers him or herself as a tech expert. A complicated online survey portal can lead to member frustration, even driving some to give up on voting altogether.

With SSO, organizations can increase voting convenience by promoting voter response in a well-known location. This can help eliminate voter annoyance and dissatisfaction.

Promotes increased participation Speed and convenience are essential to higher levels of voter participation. Complicated steps and frustrating roadblocks only discourage organization members, leading to reduced voter turnout.

SSO authenticates eligible voters in one simple step, letting members vote right from an organization’s website.

Cuts down on help desk costs If organization members are asked to memorize various passwords or login procedures, chances are they’ll turn to help desk representatives when they forget or become confused.

Organizations can cut down on help desk expenses, both in time and money, by utilizing SSO.

Accompanies DirectVote and DirectVotePlus advantages Electronic election portals using SSO represents just one of the many benefits of DirectVote and DirectVotePlus. Organizations can also depend on customized online election plans, dedicated SBS client support, detailed reporting and demographic information and the highest level of security featuring TLS-encrypted online voting transactions.

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