Why Surveys Are Important

Surveys are among the best ways to find out where your organization’s membership stands on issues. With the proper online survey administration services, you can quickly and cost-effectively obtain accurate results from target audiences. These survey findings give you the information needed to make well-informed decisions about organizational elections, initiatives and goals.

What goes into a good survey? Custom design, ease of use, clear results and overall cost-effectiveness are all great factors to focus on, and you get all these and more when you work with Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) on membership surveys. Here is how you can benefit from SBS’s online survey management services:

Proper survey design services SBS ensures your surveys are tailored specifically for your members. You will get properly designed and ordered questions, whether multiple choice, yes/no or write-in. Your survey takers will have the clearest possible information in front of them so you get the response rates you need for an accurate sample.

Paper, online and hybrid survey options Surveys have moved online in recent years for greater speed and convenience in data gathering. However, paper survey management systems are still a popular option because they are immune to web-based threats. Whether digital, paper or hybrid, SBS gives you a completely built and hosted survey solution.

A survey for any situation Many people think of consumer surveys or polls when they hear the word “survey.” We offer assistance with a broader range of options, including surveys about benefits, compensation, needs assessment, employee satisfaction, customer support and products. All these specialty surveys are available in online, paper and hybrid formats.

Specialized survey reporting Once you receive your survey results, you will want to start digging into the details. SBS makes this part of the process very easy for you, thanks to specialized custom reporting for each survey. We provide a completely managed ongoing survey program that is specifically built for your database, tightly secure and fully supported.

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