With such a large percentage of members involved in online activities, voting on the web has never been easier or more convenient. More than ever, election and voting efforts are vital to the operations of member organizations. Organizations are challenged with finding efficient ways to execute voting and promote participation, making online voting an even more advanced and secure solution. SBS offers online voting administration services that ensure a secure and efficient election every time.

Online Voting: Electronic Options for Increased Response

Internet, mobile, tablet and other wireless usage trends are revolutionizing the way people consume information and interact with each other. Increasingly, your members are becoming more comfortable with using digital channels to do business, communicate and share data. In the near future, your organization will be challenged to effectively interact with its audience through online methods.

It is natural that online voting should be investigated as a way for your organization to connect with membership. Online elections and electronic voting have proven to be an effective and efficient way to execute board member elections, elect officers, perform bylaw/policy voting or select award recipients.

Since 1990, Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) has been providing customers with the tools, resources and expertise to conduct highly successful elections – including online voting. Our commitment to data security, individualized design and unparalleled service has made us the preferred online voting administration service for many of the world’s top businesses, member-based organizations and non-profits.

Encouraging Members to Vote Anytime, Anywhere

SBS provides an easy-to-use online voting platform for your voters, no matter where they are. Whether at home or on a mobile device, your members can cast a ballot quicker than ever before. Our .NET framework and TLS security ensures all your web pages and member data is completely secure.

Online voting is supported by:


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