Online voting has become more popular in recent years among associations, clubs and educational institutions. It’s a convenient way to manage elections from start to finish, covering everything from regulatory compliance and ballot security to ranked-choice voting options and other customizations. DirectVote® from Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) is an electronic voting app that not only supports any number of voters, but is also a service you can count on for accurate and certified election results.


An online voting solution built for your organization DirectVote helps you create a voting plan closely aligned with your organization’s specific goals and requirements. Whether you need ballot filtering or preferential voting options, DirectVote can be customized to fit many different election scenarios. It performs all essential steps, including ballot design, distribution, tabulation and reporting.

Compliance and peace of mind With DirectVote, you can ensure compliance with Section 508 of the Americans With Disabilities Act, which requires voting information to be accessible to those with disabilities. Plus, the comprehensive and detailed reporting options in DirectVote give you an auditable process that guarantees the integrity of your election results. TLS encryption also safeguards all online voting results for further peace of mind.

Dependable and secure IT infrastructure Your customized voting solution is only as good as the technology that supports and secures it. DirectVote draws upon an enterprise-grade data center outfitted with the physical hardware and networking capacity needed to power a dependable voting service. The robust .NET framework also protects your voting websites from potential online and offline threats. Everyone at your organization will be able to trust the safety of your elections and their member data when using our ballot solutions.

Extensive support throughout election processes As you navigate DirectVote, a dedicated SBS Client Service Representative is available to serve as your main point of contact. Our team is always there to offer the advice and troubleshooting you need to run the smoothest possible elections.

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Online voting is the perfect way to streamline your organization's elections and increase voter turnout. DirectVote is the voting system you can trust when it comes to security, accuracy and speed. Click "Get Started" below or call 1-800-974-8099 to speak with an SBS representative for more information."

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