There are more ways to vote today than ever before. With DirectVotePlus® take your election anywhere, as votes may be cast in person, by mail, phone or online. Organizations of all kinds are looking to expand the voting options they offer to increase turnout while still ensuring the integrity of results. As a hybrid election management app, DirectVotePlus supports a wide variety of voting methods with the security you need to guarantee accurate and certified election results.


A customizable and comprehensive voting service DirectVotePlus merges your choice of the most popular election formats – onsite, paper, phone and web – into a single easy-to-use election management app. Every organization has its own particular goals and needs during elections, and DirectVotePlus provides the options for meeting that range of requirements. Use it to create a voting system that matches your response rate targets and internal bylaws. Give your members multiple voting options to drive higher overall voter participation. Plus, with our social sharing feature voters can help promote your election via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Precision and accuracy in every election No matter which voting methods your organization relies on, DirectVotePlus makes sure the results are accurately tabulated. All voting methods are precisely processed and fully auditable. Mock elections, as well as multiple rounds of proofing for any paper ballots, mean that vote totals are accurate, safe and trustworthy.

Secure voting infrastructure you can trust Voting results must be protected from online and offline threats. For web voting, DirectVotePlus secures all voting transactions by using modern TLS encryption. Plus, a strict chain of custody for your paper ballots leaves nothing to chance. Your organization can be confident each election is held to the highest standards.

Convenience and adaptability for your voters With DirectVotePlus, it’s easy to connect voters who vote by phone or with convenient touch tone phone options. You can also use research to easily improve the voting experience you offer to your members through DirectVotePlus. A Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) Client Service Representative is available to help you modify and refine your voting service over time.

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