Your organization’s online voting platform should be fast, secure and easy to use. With myDirectVote® from Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), you are guaranteed a streamlined, all-in-one voting, survey and ballot platform built to accommodate your team’s exact needs. Whether your organization is a cooperative, credit union, student government, chamber of commerce or club, myDirectVote is the online voting app you can count on for elections up to 5,000 voters. If your election needs to support more than 5,000 voters our  DirectVote®, DirectVotePlus®, and DirectVoteCentral® applications are a great option based on your needs.


Safe and secure infrastructure Nothing is more important to election administration than ensuring the integrity of results. An app for self-managed elections must protect against malware or surveillance that could otherwise influence vote tallies. All myDirectVote-administered elections are hosted in a secure cloud-based environment that keeps results safe through encryption of all voting transactions.

Easy to manage Online voting services should make holding elections simpler, not burden your team with extra IT complexity. Since the myDirectVote app is supported by cloud hosting, you don’t have to worry about costly server maintenance, data backups or software installations. A robust .NET-based framework ensures automatic updates for myDirectVote, as well as the utmost security for your elections.

Cost-effective to purchase and maintain An email reminder keeps everyone in the loop about your online elections and is included in myDirectVote. Your organization also has access to tiered pricing options based on your organization’s election needs. You can choose the myDirectVote solution that best aligns with your election goals and requirements, whether they require expert assistance, design and customization, or if you chose to do everything on your own. To learn more about pricing and receiving a cost estimate based on your needs, please request a quote.

Reliable support An app for self-managed elections should work as designed every time to deliver accurate and secure results. To ensure this, expert technical support is available for myDirectVote. Dedicated account representatives are also available to help with election administration and troubleshooting.

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