Success Story: National Treasury Employees Union 284

About NTEU:

The National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU) 284 is the Atlanta chapter of the largest independent union of federal employees in the United States. The chapter represents workers across departments and agencies. The national NTEU was created in 1938 to ensure federal employees have fair pay and benefits, safe working conditions and more, NTEU is the collective, public voice of the federal workforce.

Client Challenge:

The biggest challenges NTEU 284 had with their (manual, paper ballot) election has been trying to keep all member addresses and emails updated to ensure they receive election communications and ballots. NTEU 284 was in the process of considering adding an online voting option to future member elections when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. They needed comprehensive information to quickly make an informed decision on if and how to offer online voting for elections.

SBS Solution and Future Planning:

Survey & Ballot Systems was in frequent contact with NTEU 284 and answered questions about the voting process, timelines and online voting processes.

In an effort spearheaded by NTEU 284 membership chair Kendra Abshire, SBS partnered with her to share extensive information about online voting, its implementation, timeline, execution and voter experience.

“I gauge success by making the process for candidates and our membership smooth and easy. SBS made me feel confident by communicating effectively, keeping me on task and on track with the set timeline, quick responses and adhering to their promised time line!” – Kendra Abshire, NTEU 284 membership chair

Additionally, thanks to Kendra’s hard work and dedication, the NTEU 284 board felt confident in offering electronic voting in response to the pandemic.

When working on future elections, NTEU will advertise the election through social media, email and mailings and highlight that Local election materials are included to create an established differentiation for NETU Local 284 election materials.

Kendra also shared a recommendation to all unions for future election success:

“Make sure you get as many personal email addresses as possible at every event and get permission to use it for Local Union business only. I noticed a lot of our members did not enter their email addresses on our National site. But we only send them approximately one email per quarter.”