4 Steps to Building an Online Election


4 Steps to Building an Online Election


Step 1: Check Your Bylaws

Before utilizing one of Survey & Ballot Systems’ online election platforms, ensure that your bylaws AND state laws allow for the use of online voting for your organization.


Step 2: Check Member Data

What’s the point in holding an election if your member data is incorrect? Ensuring that member data is up-to-date is vital for an election. Your members can’t vote if they aren’t receiving the election information. Check emails, phone numbers, and other important information.


Step 3: Build your election

Use DirectVoteLive for live meeting voting, or myDirectVote for a DIY open election to build out your ballot. Whether it’s voting on meeting minutes with your board, electing a new president, or anything in between, SBS can help every step of the way.


Step 4: Get Out the Vote!

Market your election via social media, newsletters, by mail, or however else you communicate with members.  Reminder emails are a great way to increase voter turn out.


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