As Seen on TV – The Best of DVL

What you need to know:

  • DirectVoteLive has been featured across the internet in 2021
  • Here are the top 5 spotlights


Okay, DirectVoteLive hasn’t technically been seen on television, but it has been used on thousands of screens across the country. Why?

Member organizations transitioned their in-person meetings from in-person to virtual – first out of safety and necessity, but increasingly now out of demand from members and boards. That left many without a secure, official way to conduct votes in real time during those digital meetings. That’s where DVL comes in.

Not only is this software guided and easy to use for administrators and participants, users regularly sing the praises of its features:

  • Vote on the go
  • Reading, reviewing and modifying action items from anywhere on any device
  • Credentialed access available only for verified participants (no Zoom crashing allowed here)
  • Use alongside any digital meeting platform
  • High level security with monitoring, data encryption and intrusion prevention
  • Ability to add unlimited motions in real time, as needed, during a meeting
  • Voting customized to an organization’s unique needs and requirements
  • Works for meetings of any size, with any number of people
  • Easy and secure document sharing


Top 5 DVL Spotlights in 2021


  1. BizBash spotlights DVL as a great solution for virtual, hybrid and live events

When a professional events resource as comprehensive and influential as BizBash says DVL keeps voting safe and secure during meetings, you’d better believe that’s exactly what it does.


  1. Houses of worship rely on DVL for “Successful Operations”

This in-depth review of DVL from Technologies for Worship details just how valuable it is for houses of worship to utilize a safe, convenient and user-friendly program when conducting leadership votes.


  1. Best practices for hybrid votes and meetings

Pete Westerhaus, SBS account manager, wrote this important piece for Naylor, a giant in the world of associations. In a time where everything is changing rapidly and wildly from day to day, Peter identified guidelines for official meetings and votes.


  1. CUBroadcast interviews GeoVista Federal Credit Union about new voting opportunities

Steven Asplund, vice president of sales and business development at GeoVista Federal Credit Union, shares the challenges, solutions and results of using DVL to pull off a successful online annual meeting vote.


  1. Iron Workers modernizes their elections

For the first time in its 125-year history, the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers Union, AFL-CIO (Iron Workers) had to administer their election electronically. DVL provided the ideal platform for members to vote safely.


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