Why Focus on Customer Service for Your Union Election?

Elections and customer service are not something you typically think of together. But, there’s no better opportunity to serve your union members than at a time when you’re interacting with large numbers of them!

Customer service is simply a collective set of policies that govern every way your organization interacts with members. From how much parking is available for onsite elections to how you handle questions and complaints during the voting process, elections are a key time to focus on those policies and interactions.

Yes, a union election can be a high stress time for an organization, but it’s also a golden opportunity to make your members feel they are treated fairly and appreciated.

So, how do you introduce a customer service mindset within your next election?

Develop policies

Think about every possible interaction with members during the planning of your election and your post-election follow-up. Document and implement policies that include everything from how long it takes to respond to questions via phone, website and email to how to handle a member upset with the election or its results.

Everyone in the organization should be involved in the process. Not only to ensure all bases are covered, but to get total buy-in of the service policies.

Provide training

Everyone wins when you provide training to staff members on the new service policies. Role playing is a great way to help everyone get used to a new way of doing business whether it’s everyday or during election season.

When in doubt, ask

Invite members to give you an honest assessment of the type of service your organization provides. Online or onsite comment boxes, focus groups and even surveys as part of your election balloting process offer a way for members to provide candid feedback that your organization can improve upon.

Partner up

When it comes to providing next-level service during your union election, it can often help to bring on a knowledgeable third-party partner. Since 1990, Survey & Ballot Systems has planned and managed elections for the world’s top member organizations and unions. Not only is impeccable customer service our hallmark, we make it a top priority in every election we help administer.

Need more tips on how your organization can incorporate first-class service into your next union election? Reach out today, we’re here to help!