How to Show Members They’re Valued

How are you showing members that you value their loyalty?

Most member-based organizations do a good job serving members, but that bar isn’t nearly high enough. There are a variety of tactics your organization can use to ensure your giving you members the best experience to keep them coming back year after year.

Utilize Membership Surveys

Assessing what members actually value is a great first step.  Organizations often assume they know what the most valued benefits are, but they never end up actually asking their members.

Surveys can delve into people’s wants and needs, and what they do or don’t like. A well-devised survey can highlight a lot of valuable information. Sometimes these data points may reinforce your existing assumptions (which is good!). However, other times you may find that one benefit you thought was important is rarely used or even known by your member base.

Don’t forget to ask how your members want you to communicate with them. Do you send too many emails? Do they want to be engaged in ways you’re not currently reaching them?

Embrace Online Voting

More than ever before, elections and voting efforts are vital to the operations of member organizations. Fortunately, online elections can help get the information needed from members in a secure and transparent manner.

Web elections provide easier, more convenient voting methods for organizations who rely on online communication between members and remote workers.

With SBS’ online voting platform, you’re able to get a hold of both local and remote members, give them a voice, and manage your election all in one platform. SBS provides various online voting services and election tools that ensure a secure and efficient election every time.

Leverage Social Media

Your social media channels shouldn’t just be a place to promote events or your latest updates. It’s the perfect spot to remind your members (and potential members) about the value your organization provides.

Some organizations have tech-savvy members who leverage all forms of social media. Others find their members on only one or two social networks (or none). Even use within a single social network can vary greatly among individuals.

Think about your members and ask yourself:

  1. Where are we posting now, and where should we be posting based on our members?
  2. What kind of content do we regularly post?
  3. What new types of content would our members find useful?

It’s important to remember that no matter how much value you pack into your membership, it goes to waste if your members don’t know about their benefits and if they can’t tangibly experience them.

If you’re interested in learning about how you can show members that your organization values them, feel free to get in touch! We’re here to help.