Our Time at NAMIC [Video]

With the nation’s capital as a backdrop, the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies hosted their 124th Annual Convention in National Harbor, Maryland.

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Survey & Ballot Systems was one of the industry partners on hand showcasing the latest election products and solutions at the annual convention.

In our time at the convention we meet with many Mutual insurance companies who want to offer their policyholders modern options to participate in their annual elections.

We encouraged many of these companies to look into providing a hybrid election with paper and online proxies, as one way to engage voters on their schedule, anytime from anywhere.

Online proxies can reach voters where there are and with mobile voting options policyholders of all ages, urban or rural can participate in the election process from any mobile device.

The conference also featured more than 30 educational sessions, a myriad of networking opportunities, and abundance of newsworthy events.

To learn more about our time at NAMIC and learn how Survey and Ballot Systems can help enhance your Mutual Insurance companies’ election process, simply give us a call at 1-800-974-8099 or visit us online at www.www.surveyandballotsystems.com

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