Preventing a Botched Election…Database Management

You’re holding a private election for members of your organization. If you skip one very important election component, you could have non-members voting. What’s so important that it could make or break your election?

Database management.

Database management is so vital that, if you ignore it, you could face challenged results, a nullified election or even be accused of election fraud. When setting up your election, take the time to carefully review your election database for accuracy and consistency.

Here are the benefits of a properly managed election database:

Accurate information
Valid email addresses and contact information mean members receive the correct invitations, reminders and confirmations on time. Having the correct data also decreases support time.

Eligibility requirements met
Invitations and ballots are only sent to eligible voters — non-members cannot vote in your election. Non-members participating in your election puts the validity of your election in jeopardy and opens the possibility of a recall.

An actionable plan
Once you’ve analyzed your database, you will likely see that not every member has an email address. Your organization needs a plan to ensure these members receive special letters informing them of election details and voting instructions.

Special reports
Up-to-date demographic data and customized fields are necessary to generate special election reports and actionable information for future elections.

Don’t let the term “database management” intimidate you — if your organization doesn’t have the time or resources to properly manage your election data, it’s time to call in a third-party partner.

Contact us any time with questions about your database management and tell us what you think the benefits of proper election database management are in the comments below.